CNA Requirements


Certification as a nursing assistant in one’s home state is a prerequisite for all applicants to the Accelerated Option.  State of Wisconsin nursing assistant certification is only required of applicants who are Wisconsin residents. 

At the time of application, at minimum, proof of enrollment in a CNA course is required. However, to be a competitive applicant, CNA work experience at the time of application is strongly recommended

The Accelerated Option precepted clinical model is unique for entry-level nursing programs.   In most nursing programs students complete a precepted experience during the last rotation of the program, completing the preceding rotations as part of instructor-led clinical groups.  In the Accelerated Option students complete 670 of the clinical hours (five of the six clinical rotations) one-on-one with registered nurse preceptors.

Students who have worked as CNA’s are notably stronger students in the precepted clinical component of the program.   CNA work experience provides time to integrate basic nursing skills in a nursing home or hospital, helping one learn to efficiently and appropriately prioritize care for a group of patients as part of a nurse-led team.

Graduates consistently support the value of their CNA experience after completing the precepted clinical rotations.   

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