Campus Residencies

There are three required on-campus experiences during the Accelerated Option.

Orientation Weekend

  • Approximately 1–3 weeks before the start date, students are required to attend a weekend-long on-campus orientation.


Skills Lab and First Clinical - "Boot Camp"

  • After completing approximately 12 weeks of online courses, there are  two weeks of campus residency (August for the May cohort and January for the October cohort)
  • During these two weeks, students complete an intensive lab component as well as a 56-hour clinical rotation completed in a healthcare facility near Oshkosh, under the direction of a UW Oshkosh clinical faculty member
  • Students perform health and physical assessments on adult patients and provide direct care, applying the theoretical principles of nursing
  • Students are encouraged to stay on or near campus for this two-week residency for the following reasons:
  1. 10–12 hour days (including weekends): Staying near campus eliminates even a short drive and increases the amount of time students have available for studying
  2. Schedules may change: Students are committed to the curriculum for the entire two weeks and the schedule may change on short notice depending on student learning need
  3. No-tolerance policy for tardiness: Students must be on time for all learning sessions.  Because of the compact nature of the schedule, tardiness may result in dismissal.  Staying on campus eliminates traffic and weather-related delays
  4. Peer interaction: Even though students met at the orientation session, this prolonged engagement helps students get to know one another better.  The rigor of the curriculum requires that students support and encourage one another.  Feedback from earlier cohorts reinforces the benefits of the two-week peer interaction


Capstone Week

  • During the final week of the Accelerated Nursing Option, student presentations (assigned prior to the capstone week) and mandatory student testing are completed



  • For all residencies, campus (or near-campus) low-cost housing is available for students. 





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