Admission Requirements


Applicants must complete the equivalent of all of the UW Oshkosh courses listed below.  Matching course descriptions does not ensure course equivalency.  Upon application to the University a transfer credit evaluation is completed by the Undergraduate Admissions Office.  Please refer to our FAQ page for more details regarding the transfer course process.


Prerequisite Coursework

To be eligible to apply for admission, applicants must have the following:

  • A minimum grade of C  in all prerequisite courses

  • An associated laboratory component with all natural science prerequisites

  • 4  of the 6 required natural science courses by the application deadline.  All 8 required courses must be completed by January 31st for May cohorts; August 15th for October cohort. The Admissions Committee prefers that all coursework be completed no later than the end of the fall semester for May cohorts, no later than the end of the spring semester for October cohorts.




Growth, Development, and Health across the Lifespan [must cover entire lifespan]

Nursing 200 or Psychology 391 or Educational Foundations 377

Science (General Biology)

Biology 105 or 230

Science (Human Anatomy)

Biology 211

Science (Physiology)

Biology 212 or 319

Science (Microbiology)

Biology 233 or 309

Science (Chemistry I)

Chemistry 101 or 105

Science (Biochemistry or Chemistry II )

Chemistry 102 or 106

Intro or General Psychology

Psychology 101 or 104


The application GPA is calculated using the courses listed above.


The following courses must be completed with a grade of C or higher but are not calculated as part of the admission GPA

English Composition

Assumed complete by virtue of first Bachelor' degree.  Must be completed at a U.S. college/university

Advanced Composition


(waived if TEAS V English and


Language Usage score is greater than 75%)

Upper level English Composition


College Level Math

Speech (public speaking)

Assumed complete by virtue of first Bachelor' degree

General Education from first degree

Considered on individual basis (6 credits)


 Prerequisite courses do not expire. 



Minimum Application Requirements

  • Admission to the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh

  • Bachelor's degree from a fully accredited University

  • Minimum of 2.75 GPA calculated using prerequisite courses, with no prerequisite grade less than C  (C- and CD are not acceptable) 

  • TEAS V admissions test  score at the program mean listed on the application (cost assumed by applicant) 

  • Completed Criminal Background Check as required by Caregiver Law processed through Certified Background (cost assumed by applicant)

  • Nursing Assistant Certification (CNA) in applicant's home state

  • Completion of all prerequisite coursework by January 31st for May cohorts; August 15th for October cohorts

Preferred Application Requirements

  • Nursing GPA of 3.0 or above

  • Work experience as a Certified Nursing Assistant

  • TEAS V  test score well above the program mean listed on the application

  • Experience with diverse populations (e.g. age groups, disabled, ethnic groups, special needs)

  • All coursework completed no later than the end of the fall semester for May cohorts, spring semester for October cohorts


  • See application for test completion deadline

  • Minimum acceptable score is the current program mean as listed on the application

  • See the TEAS V Requirements page for information on how to register and prepare:for the exam:  TEAS V






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