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Additional Information

  • General education courses must be taken first in the BSN@Home option in order to meet the time to the Master's degree.

  • The bachelor's degree is completed through online and distance-education courses offered through the BSN@Home option.  120 undergraduate credits are needed for graduation. 

  • Students must maintain an overall GPA of 3.0 or higher while also maintaining:

    •  A grade of C or higher in all undergraduate courses.

    • A grade of B or higher in all graduate courses.  

  • Students apply to the MSN Program while in the first semester of the BSN@Home option.  Students should contact their BSN@Home advisors and express their interest in applying to the RN to BSN to MSN Program.  The BSN@Home advisor and Graduate Program Office will then send the student additional application information. 

  • Students must meet the Graduate Program prerequisite requirement of completing a 3 credit introductory statistics course within five years of admission (descriptive and inferential stats).  Students must receive a B or higher in this course. 

  • If accepted to the RN to BSN to MSN Program, the following MSN courses may be taken in the last two semesters of the BSN@Home option (all are required courses in the Graduate Program and credits only count toward the MSN degree):

    • 709 Pharmacology for Advanced Nursing Roles (3 credits)

    • 719 Foundations for Advanced Nursing and Interprofessional Collaboration (3 credits)

    • 745 Advanced Health Assessment for CNLs and NEs (2 credits)

    • 746 Quality and Safety (2 credits)

    • 783 Healthcare Informatics (3 credits)

  • Graduate tuition is paid for graduate courses.

  • The 5-year limit to the Master's degree from the time of first graduate course must be maintained.






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