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Program Goals and Objectives

Program Goals

The University of Wisconsin Oshkosh Master of Science in Nursing Program educates nurse leaders for:

  1. Advanced nursing roles in health care.

  2. Collaborative roles in health care.

  3. A focus on serving diverse populations.

  4. Inquiry into the theoretical bases of diverse disciplines.

  5. Pursuit of doctoral education in nursing.



Master of Science in Nursing graduates will:

  1. Function effectively in advanced nursing practice, integrating the art and science of nursing into the advanced role.

  2. Function as an effective leader, role model, and advocate for clients in clinical practice and in education.

  3. Synthesize advanced knowledge of the social, political, ethical, technical, cultural, spiritual, environmental, and economic factors influencing the health care system and higher education.

  4. Integrate knowledge of theory and research in advanced nursing areas.

  5. Demonstrate accountability and responsibility in developing advanced nursing roles.

  6. Scientifically investigate issues relevant to advanced nursing and nursing education.

  7. Evaluate personal scholarship, professional growth, and excellence in practice.        




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