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Prerequisites & Repeating Courses

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The computer science department has established prerequisites for each course so that students will be adequately prepared for the topics covered in the course. This allows the instructor to proceed with the course in a manner that assures quality in the program.

The department strictly enforces the prerequisite policy. You should not take courses unless you satisfy the prerequisites. Otherwise, when the deficiency is detected, you will have to drop the course. All courses are checked.  See Enrollment Policy Without Prerequisites for additional details.


Repeating Courses

The College of Letters and Science and the computer science department permit students to repeat a given computer science course one time only. Note that this policy includes transfer courses. A very important consequence of this policy is that a student who does not earn a grade of C or better in certain courses that are prerequisites for a required course must withdraw from the Computing major. For example, suppose a student earns a D grade in CS 271 (Data Structures). Then s/he repeats it and earns a C- grade. Because CS 271 is a prerequisite for most 300-level courses, he or she will not be permitted to major in Computing.

by schrod69 — last modified Jul 21, 2014 09:24 AM
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