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Enrollment Policy Without Prerequisites

by schrod69 — last modified Jul 02, 2012 09:12 AM

Waiving a prerequisite for a course requires that the student asking for the waiver write an appeal that is voted upon by the members of the department. Appeals that request a student be allowed into a course despite having received an unsatisfactory grade (C- or below) in a prerequisite course will not be considered by the department. Appeals for other reasons will be carefully considered provided that the appeal addresses the following:

  • What are the unforeseen circumstances that apply to this student’s situation that make such a waiver of a prerequisite necessary for the student to stay on track with their graduation plan? The appeal should carefully address why this student’s situation is uniquely different from that of other students. The appeal should include a detailed plan of the student’s remaining semesters before graduation and the courses that the student intends to take to meet all the requirements of the major.
  • A convincing argument must be presented that the student will be able to succeed in the course for which the prerequisite is being waived. Prerequisites are intended to keep a student from getting into a course when their background knowledge and skill set is not sufficient to allow a good chance for success in the course. Hence it is incumbent upon the student to demonstrate that they have acquired the necessary knowledge and skill set by some other means than the prerequisite course.

When such an appeal is submitted, the decision as to whether or not it is granted is determined by vote of the entire department at a meeting scheduled in a timely fashion.

by schrod69 — last modified Jul 02, 2012 09:12 AM
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