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Internship Guidelines

by schrod69 — last modified Jan 02, 2016 06:36 AM

The term intern will refer to the UW Oshkosh student, internor will refer to the organization where the internship is to occur, and coordinator will refer to the UW Oshkosh computer science department faculty member who is responsible for maintaining the relationship between the intern, the internor, and the department.

1.   Eligibility to Enter Intern Pool

Students eligible to participate as interns need to satisfy all of the following:

      • 75 or more credits toward graduation
      • 2 or more UW Oshkosh computer science courses numbered 300 or higher
      • Not restricted to majors
      • No restriction on emphasis
      • NOTE:  All students enrolling in our internship course will have to have completed or be concurrently enrolled in the following interdisciplinary course:  INTRDSCP 208 -- Professional Career Skills in Math and Natural Science.

2.   Eligibility of Interning Organization

The internor must:

      • Provide guidance and training for the student
      • Assign an experienced supervisor with a bachelor's degree in computer science or a related field to mentor and supervise the intern
      • Be an organization that employs other college graduates in the work environment
      • Provide a statement to the internship coordinator supplying the following information:
      1. Description of the project or work assignment to be performed by intern.   The project must entail significant involvement in a large software development effort so that the intern puts into practice some of the skills they have learned in an upper-level computer science course.
      2. Description of training and/or orientation the intern will receive.
      3. Identification of the person who will be supervising the intern and the academic credentials and work experience of the supervisor.
      4. Description of the method and frequency of feedback that the intern will receive from the supervisor.
      5. Statement of the rate of pay for the intern.

This statement is uploaded by the student when the internship application is submitted. The department will then contact the internor to confirm the arrangements described in the statement.

At the end of the internship, the internor must provide an evaluation of the quality of work of the student.   This evaluation is provided using an online form that can be previewed here.

3.   Deadline for Approval

The deadline for approval of a computer science internship for the fall or spring semester is two weeks after the start of that semester. The deadline for a summer internship is the last day of the first week of the first term of the summer semester.

4.   Responsibilities of Student Intern

The student intern must:

      • Submit all required reports to the internship coordinator on a schedule announced each semester by the internship coordinator
      • Participate in a mandatory oral presentation. If the internship is completed in the summer, the oral presentation must be given during the following fall semester.
      • Inform the coordinator promptly whenever there is any difficulty in the internship
      • Remind their supervisor to provide the necessary evaluation of their work when it is complete. That evaluation must be provided using the online form that can be previewed here.
      • Complete the exit survey form.

5.   Responsibilities of the Internship Coordinator

The coordinator will:

      • have contact with the internor before the internship and again after the internship is completed
      • read, comment on and promptly evaluate reports
      • evaluate the oral presentation
      • administer the exit survey

6.   Responsibilities of the Interning Organization

The interning organization must:

      • provide training/learning opportunities for intern
      • provide supervision of the intern
      • provide appropriate work opportunities
      • pay the intern an appropriate wage
      • provide an evaluation of the student's work when it is complete. That evaluation must be provided using the online form that can be previewed here.

7.   Amount of credit

      • Generally internships are taken for three credits in a given semester.
      • Translation of hours of work and training to credit.  The rule of thumb is that 40 hours of internship work per credit are comparable to the one-hour-in-class-plus-three-hours-outside-class guideline used for one credit in a regular course. Over a semester, a three-credit course turns out to be approximately 160-200 hours by this metric.

8.   Required Work and Grades

      • one half of the grade is based on the evaluation done by the student's supervisor at the interning organization
      • one half of the grade is based on written work done during the internship and the oral presentation

Guidelines for Written Reports -- see the FAQ document for internships and practicums

by schrod69 — last modified Jan 02, 2016 06:36 AM
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