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Blog Entry for Week Ending April 21

by Springer, Matthew C. last modified Apr 21, 2017 11:47 PM
The eleventh week of Software Engineering II

This week for discussion, we were to go through the OpenMRS data model and compare it to the Hibernate configuration files in the OpenMRS github repository.  Our task was to find and explain an inconsistency between the two.  This proved unsurprisingly difficult to do given the immense number of parts of the model.  I imagine this was the primary point of the exercise, to show us the sheer magnitude of the project and unlikelihood of spotting an error.

I made very little progress this week on our Plone group project.  The first half of my week was spent trying to get the drive that my virtual machine is installed on operational again.  Between bouts of working on that, I redirected my search for help with truegallery and mrbob from Google searches to the Plone community forum.  After scouring around using keywords related to my present issue with making a design for truegallery, I came to the realization that this should not be this difficult since there is no discussion or forum posts about it.  So once I got my VM running again, I reinstalled Plone and truegallery and have begun trial and erroring my way through getting something to work.  Assuming I don’t make any progress over the weekend, I’m going to try asking the Plone community to explain how to actually use mrbob and create a design addon for truegallery.  It is unclear if any new obstacles will present themselves in this endeavor since I have lost track of everything beyond creating the smallest of functionality.

Our lab this week was aimed to introduce us to REST in the context of of first a simple Flask server and also in an OpenMRS server.  The topic and content was very straightforward, the, but most of the lab time was wasted trying to get Flask to work on the machines we were using.  After wrestling with and searching for a cause of the issue for nearly an hour, someone tried to switch to a machine running a different OS and different version of Python.  They got past the point we had all become stuck at and shortly after we had all switched over and finished the lab in about twenty minutes.


by Springer, Matthew C. last modified Apr 21, 2017 11:47 PM
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