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5. Nothing Too Exciting

by Gerrits, Lucas J last modified Mar 03, 2017 11:36 PM

Welcome back to another week of my dev blog!

What I Did:

Plone Project: Shaina and I continued to do some training in accessibility to determine the best course of action in terms of assessing a piece of content's accessibility. From our stand-up meeting, we have started to check out various external accessibility services for potential use in this project. Although if we wish to take small, gradual steps in creating a modification for Plone, we will begin by checking for the basics: proper header hierarchy, alt tags for images, labels for forms, etc. We met with Kim during lab on Wednesday who helped steer us in the right direction after I had glanced through some of the chapters about add-on packages and content types.

Individual Project: As I mentioned last week, I will be working with some code involving the creation of image filters. As I will be doing a write-up on the topic this weekend yet, I will post more about this in the next entry.

Etc: In class, we discussed the similarities between last week's GitHub exercise and a reading about bug tracking. This week in lab I learned about Maven, and how it and tests are used in the build process.

What Went Wrong:

This week I haven't encountered anything notable in terms of obstacles. The biggest obstacle comes in the form of motivational issues, as now there are quite a few projects with separate timelines all happening at once.

What To Do:

Our next stand-up will happen again on Monday, after I hand in a description of my individual project. I am going to try and locate the Plone object that we need to get the "content" from this week, and look into something Kim mentioned about how Plone handles the HTML tags (it sounded like a DOM tree kind of thing). I believe there is also another reading and discussion to be had, which I will fill you in on afterwards.


As usual, more to come next Friday!

by Gerrits, Lucas J last modified Mar 03, 2017 11:36 PM
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