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Blog Entry for Week Ending February 17

by Walbrun, Cooper last modified Feb 15, 2017 07:08 PM

This week, I assimilated my group, Levi and Cory, for the upcoming semester project involving open source software. We have been contemplating several ideas, and currently our two favorites (which are by no means final at this point in time) are:

  1. Making a dead link-searching add-on or feature for Plone sites that works better than the default.
  2. Adding a badge system to Plone to recognize users for certain accomplishments, which can also be viewed by other users.

Levi, Cory, and myself have also set up an IRC chat channel via FreeNode, where we will be holding our weekly stand-up meetings regarding our project.

Incidentally, setting up our IRC has been a rather troublesome duty because we had some issues with validating our connections, resulting in the channel failing to correctly identify us when we logged in from different places. After some command-based trial-and-error which involved trying to correctly verify myself to the server so I would be recognized from any connection, I was able to resolve the situation for myself, despite some of my classmates still having the problem.

By next Friday, I aim to (of course) continue my exploration of Plone's training manual, and in particular to learn a bit about its infrastructure on GitHub. There are a myriad of source files and directories, and in order to add to the project I am going to need to understand where certain things dwell. I suspect this will be no easy task, but I can rely on my groupmates to help me through the learning process and I have high confidence in our success.

by Walbrun, Cooper last modified Feb 15, 2017 07:08 PM
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