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Excerpt from 2005 Report of our Advisory Board

by schrod69 — last modified Mar 16, 2012 10:47 AM

The Advisory Board is a group composed of alumni and employers that provides feedback to our program so we can continuously improve. What appears below is taken directly from the bi-annual report they prepared for the department in 2005.

The student-faculty relationship can only be described as exemplary. Virtually every course is administered, lectured and proctored by professor-level full-time faculty members. Students find the student-to-teacher classroom ratio to be extremely favorable and valuable. Outside the classroom, faculty members are highly accessible for those students seeking additional support and interaction.

The department’s program offerings provide three distinct areas of study within the computer science major. This is not typical for other schools and computer science departments in the region. Students significantly benefit by gaining greater knowledge and skills in their selected area of study because of a more focused and specialized curriculum.

The department and its three areas of study are distinctive, comprehensive and focused compared to other four-year computer science departments in the area. For instance, many departments in the region do not require or offer the courses Compilers and Operating Systems. These courses are two of the department’s strongest areas of study and are required courses for those students pursuing the department’s computer science emphasis. This is an indication of the level of expectation the department places on its graduates relative to other programs in the region. Also, the availability and opportunities in the region for students to complete internships and practicum projects allow students to select engagements best suited to their academic interests.

by schrod69 — last modified Mar 16, 2012 10:47 AM
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