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Melissa Graber

Development Director, Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Fox Valley Region

"You can do just about anything in the business world with a Communication Studies major and the classes speak the tone of 'real world' life.  The program wasn't just another set of classes.  It was the journey to the next chapter of my life."

"The program gave me the confidence to get out in my career and run with it.  I never thought I would be a Director at age 25, but the program game me the confidence to get out in my career and run with it.  Without the great professors that gave me that confidence, I do not know where I would be today."

"The professors make you think 'big picture.'  I sometimes felt as though we were dissecting something in science class, but really we were dissecting the most important thing--communication-- on all different levels."


- Melissa Graber '10


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"I really appreciated the student culture in the major. Everyone was very supportive of one another and willing to take the time to share experiences and ideas."


Natalee Kasmiskie '11
Promotions Assistant
Clear Channel Radio


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