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Katelyn Reitz

Graduate of 2008 and Peace Corps Volunteer

"Someone once told me, 'a Communication degree will not only aid in a successful professional career, but it will help you develop strong communication skills that will be invaluable in your personal life,' and I believe this is most true for me.  I know that my education in communication will always be an integral part of who I am.  It prepared me to be more cognizant of nuances related to interpersonal communication both those spoken and especially those unspoken."

"My Communication degree has been helpful in my life overseas in many ways.  I live and teach in a country where I do not speak the native language so I have had many opportunities to apply many non verbal 'lessons' from classes at UW Oshkosh.  My living conditions are quite different than in American and I have learned how to exchange invaluable information like 'When does the bus arrive at this stop?', or 'How long will the electricity be out?'  All of this is done with very little spoken words."

"I would encourage students to give the program a try and you will be intrigued by the classes.  I remember being hooked after the introductory class.  I didn't like speeches, but I knew the skill is important and I wanted to be better at speaking in front of groups.  Try to match programs with who you want to be versus who you are today."


- Katelyn Reitz '08


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"I really appreciated the student culture in the major. Everyone was very supportive of one another and willing to take the time to share experiences and ideas."


Natalee Kasmiskie '11
Promotions Assistant
Clear Channel Radio


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