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Undergraduate Who's Who Application

Undergraduate Application for the Who's Who Among Students in American College and Universities Award.

Multiple awards are granted each semester. Please complete the form below to apply. The criteria for selection is:

  • Minimum 3.5 GPA
  • Significant Involvement in at least three different campus and/or community activities

The deadline for submission is March 5th, 2017.

Student Information

This is the address to which we can send correspondence and materials before the ceremony.
city, state, country
Graduation Information

(i.e. Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Science, etc.)
Undergraduates please list your majors/minors.
(i.e. Dean's List, Honor's List, Scholarships, etc.) Please include the complete name of the honor/award and the month/year it was received.
Include all campus and community groups to which you belong and any office held (i.e. Greek organizations, student government, special interest groups and political action organizations). For each organization, please include the name of the organization, office/role, dates, special activities or events.
Please include unpaid positions and and/or community services that enhanced your leadership and/or academic experience. Please include the complete name of the organization, office/role, dates and special activities or events.
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