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Rebecca Olson

Rebecca Olson 2Name: Rebecca Olson
Age: 22
Major: Nursing
Hometown: Fond du Lac, WI

1. Why did you choose UW Oshkosh?
I chose UW Oshkosh because I felt it was the perfect size and the perfect distance from home. Oshkosh offered me opportunities that I wouldn't have been able to have at a larger university, such as writing my thesis, but it is big enough that it offered many opportunities to get involved and to learn that very small universities cannot.

2. What will you take away from your time here, other than a degree?
During my time at UW Oshkosh I have changed so much. I have become more outgoing and much more willing to put myself out there. College is like a training ground for entering the "real world" and I feel that my time here as prepared me well to enter the workforce. I have been hired on as a Field Director for the Republican Party of Wisconsin, which will involve many long hours and a lot of hard work that I feel I have been prepared for from being so involved on campus while keeping up with my crazy schedule of Nursing classes.

3. Tell us about your favorite class or your favorite professor at UW Oshkosh.
My favorite teacher...I don't think I can say that. I've had many amazing teachers while I have been here, but If I had to choose a couple I guess I would say Laura Smolinski and Sarah Pollesch. Both of these teachers where by clinical instructors and they truly made the experiences enjoyable. Both of them have supported me as I was looking for work and applying to Medical school. I'll be forever grateful for my time with them.

4. What advice would you give incoming freshmen about making the most of their time here at UW Oshkosh?
I would tell freshman to get involved early in anything that interests them. My one regret is that I waited to get involved in student organizations until the end of my Sophomore year. My Freshman year would have been so much more rewarding and enjoyable had I been involved then, as well as the fact that it would have given me more time with these amazing organizations.

I would also tell them to roll with the punches and just be willing to go where life takes you. My "10 year plan" has changed so dramatically not only from when I started here, but even just within the last year. Life doesn't always give you what you planned, but be open to changes and new experiences and enjoy the ride.

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