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Shannon Henry

Shannon Henry is a Finalist for Class Speaker at the 2013 Commencement at the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh.

Name: Shannon Henry
Age: 22
Major: Supply Chain Management, Emphasis: International Management
Hometown: Franklin, Wis.

1. Why did you choose UW Oshkosh?
I initially toured UWO because my mom is an alumni from here, but once I toured, I knew I wanted to go here. I loved the campus and all the buildings and the opportunities at UWO are endless. I chose the College of Business specifically because they offer classes that relate to the real world of business and the Professors seemed very involved with the classes and students.

2. What will you take away from your time here, other than a degree?
I will take away many great friendships that will hopefully continue in the future. I will take away my leadership development at UWO that made me a better student and better person and I will take with me the want to learn that many professors helped me realize.

3. Tell us about your favorite class or your favorite professor at UW Oshkosh.
My favorite professor here at UW Oshkosh is Dr. Godfrey, who teaches Supply Chain classes and is the Faculty Advisor for APICS, a supply chain organization I was President of. He is a great professor because he was very knowledgeable in supply chain and had many real world examples to add to the topic we were learning, along with making class fun and enjoyable. Dr. Godfrey was also very helpful when I was President of APICS and if I needed any advice, I would come to him and he would be willing to help me no matter what.

4. What advice would you give incoming freshmen about making the most of their time here at UW Oshkosh?
Get involved as soon as you can. The most common thing that people regret is they didn’t get involved sooner, or at all, in organizations on campus. It is a great way to meet people and add to the educational experience. The college experience isn't just about going to classes and living in the dorms or an apartment. Getting involved also helps with job aspects after graduation, it increases a person’s value with involvement and leadership opportunities. It also increases the person’s character development throughout the four or five years a person will spend at college.

Shannon Henry's Speech (audio-only podcast)

(Photo by Shawn McAfee of the Learning Technologies at UW Oshkosh.)
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