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S. Tina Checkie

S. Tina Checkie is a Finalist for Class Speaker in the 2013 Commencement at the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh.

Name: S. Tina Checkie
Age: 24
Major: Sociology
Hometown: New Holstein, Wis.

1.  Why did you choose UW Oshkosh?
I chose UW Oshkosh because many of my best friends whose opinions all meant a great deal to me told me they had greatly enjoyed and valued their experiences here. Additionally, when I had a few opportunities to visit the campus myself, everyone I interacted with was very helpful and positive. I also appreciated the beauty of campus, as well as how everything from the bus stop to the library to the cafeteria was all so conveniently located! The location of the campus is perfect and Oshkosh is a beautiful city to live in.

2. What will you take away from your time here, other than a degree?
The most important thing I will take away from here other than a degree is a renewed sense of confidence in myself. I have learned how to think critically and I have also learned how to take criticism in a positive way and use it to better myself.

All of these skills are absolutely invaluable to me and I understand that not everyone who gets their diploma in the mail from just any university can necessarily say they’ve been fortunate to acquire skills such as these, which are all so important for success in today’s world. We’re truly some of the lucky ones. J

3. Tell us about your favorite class or your favorite professor at UW Oshkosh.
I thought long and hard about it, but honestly I can’t even answer that without saying “all of them.” Every interaction with every single professor I had in every class helped contribute to forming a different little part of myself in a unique and significant way… but if you FORCED me to pick only one favorite, I’d have to say Professor Jerry Stark (who retired last year) was my all-time favorite professor. His classes were always super-challenging for me, but he never asked more from his students than he knew we were capable of (which apparently was a WHOLE LOT!) Every professor on this campus has their own unique yet effective teaching style, and they have all have helped me develop into a well-rounded individual who is capable of handling any situation life could throw my way. I couldn’t recommend this campus enough to my friends and family. When I’m ready to attend grad school, you can look forward to seeing me right back here at UW Oshkosh! I wouldn’t want it any other way.

4. What advice would you give incoming freshmen about making the most of their time here at UW Oshkosh?
I’d tell incoming freshmen to simply listen to your gut. Don’t be afraid to change your major a few times if you don’t think you majored in the right thing for you. This may sound cheesy, but when it’s right, you’ll “just know”. You know yourself better than anyone else does. This includes your parents, your siblings, your best friend, or even your spouse. Take the leap and follow your heart. I simply can’t imagine a universe in which you’d regret making that decision. I mean, honestly, can you? Also, don’t forget to take care of yourself! So many people will expect so many things from you over the next few years, and at first you may think you can realistically find a way to be everything for everybody at all times. Truth is: You can’t. And that doesn’t make you a “bad” person; it makes you a PERSON. A single human being! You cannot do it all, nor should others expect you to, nor should you expect it of yourself. Take care of yourself before you can even begin to start taking care of others!

S. Tina Checkie's Speech (audio-only podcast)

(Photo by Shawn McAfee of the Learning Technologies at UW Oshkosh.)
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