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James "Myles" Teteak

Major: Marketing
Hometown: Rhome, Texas

2012 Finalist

The title "Class Speaker" is bestowed on only one member of the graduating class. With that title comes the duty to address thousands of fellow graduates, faculty, administration, family and friends. Students who apply to be the class speaker go through an application process that includes giving the speech in front of the Graduation Awards Committee. These students did not take the task lightly. They spoke with honesty and with great heart. James "Myles" Teteak is the finalist for class speaker for the mid-year commencement.

Why did you choose UW Oshkosh?

I chose UWO because it had a good Business program, and I wanted to play football here, but most of all when I came on my visit I felt like the campus was a perfect fit for me.

What will you take away from your time here, other than a degree?
I will take away life long friends, unforgettable experiences, invaluable knowledge from inside and outside the classroom, and a full-time job that I never would have gotten without having the opportunity to be a tour guide here on campus. When I came to UWO I felt like a lost kid that was in way over his head. Now as I get ready to leave I feel like I have a second home and a much larger family.

Tell us about your favorite class or your favorite professor at UW Oshkosh.
I would have to say my Capstone course called Business Growth and Development with Professor Tippins. I feel like Dr. Tippins was able to teach us just about as much in his one course as we learned in our entire time in the COB. Dr. Tippins is very good at keeping students interested and he has very valuable real life knowledge that we will all be able to apply in our jobs once we graduate. The course itself is also very valuable because it has given us very hands on and real world experience about how a business is created and then run.

What would you advise future UWO students to take advantage of during their time here?
I would have to emphasize getting involved on campus in some way. Getting involved whether it's an athletic team, an organization/club, or working on campus. Being involved on campus gives students many opportunities that they would not get if they were not involved, like giving the VP of a company a tour and then getting a job offer at the end of it. Being involved in football led me to be surrounded by a bunch of guys that I now call brothers and helped keep me disciplined throughout school. It also led me to my opportunity to work for admissions and give tours, which as I mentioned has led to my job after graduation. Being involved makes your time here so much more fun, allows you to meet some of your best friends in life, and can lead to life altering opportunities.


This is an audio-only podcast of James "Myles" Teteak's speech.

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