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Chancellor's Medallion Candidate

UW Oshkosh's tradition of recognizing individuals of exceptional accomplishment and distinction in service to the University, region, state or nation continues each year with the awarding of honorary doctorates.

2012 Midyear Commencement Chancellor's Medallion Recipient

As the chief financial officer and head of the Viessmann Group biogas sector, Joachim Janssen is committed to promoting sustainability.

Janssen is recognized as part of the team that shared a vision with UW Oshkosh: Creation and start up of a first-of-its-kind technology in the western hemisphere, UW Oshkosh’s dry fermentation anaerobic Biodigester. The facility harvests gas produced as a result of the decomposition of agricultural plant and food waste within airless storage chambers.  The gas is used to produce heat and electricity at the plant site off Witzel Avenue, next to the University’s Campus Services Center. The Viessmann Group and its Madison-based subsidiary, BIOFerm Energy Systems, helped make this renewable energy learning laboratory a reality, generating up to 10 percent of UW Oshkosh’s energy.

As one of the company’s leaders, Janseeen holds a deputy director position for the board of management for the Viessmann Group. He has degrees in business administration and economics and background experience and certifications as a certified public accountant and a chartered tax adviser in Germany.

Janssen, and the Viessman Group, are recognized as pioneers in the field of renewable energy, dedicated to social responsibility and safeguarding future generations through innovative products and services advancing biogas, solar and other renewable energy systems.

UW Oshkosh is proud to honor Janssen, a caring, committed ally in helping promote sustainability at UW Oshkosh and throughout the region, state and nation. The commitment of service to the region and state has been a part of the University effort since its founding in 1871.

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