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The Power of Transformative Teaching

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Lori CarrellAbout Dr. Lori Carrell

Dr. Lori Carrell’s commitment to inspire positive transformation has fueled more than twenty-five years of teaching, speaking and communication consulting. Her listeners have included business professionals, students in kindergarten through college, prisoners, educators, military personnel, preachers, parishioners, Eskimos and now, colleagues in the UW Oshkosh teaching community.    

Her formal education in Speech Communication (Ph.D., University of Denver), Counseling Psychology (M.A., University of Alaska-Anchorage), and Communication Education, Theatre, and Psychology (B.A., Anderson University) is balanced by diverse life experiences. That rich foundation of living includes culture shock as a teacher in an Eskimo village, performances on camera and on stage, research of public speaking in churches across the country, and the daily intensity of parenthood. 

She is the author of  The Great American Sermon Survey (2000) and numerous communication education research articles. 

As a former Endowment for Excellence Professor at the University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh, Dr. Carrell currently teaches in the Department of Communication and also serves as Director of the Center for Scholarly Teaching. 

In an interview with Grace Lim (audio only),  Dr. Carrell discusses the power of transformative teaching and how her own lights-on teaching moment challenged her to do better for herself and her students.

Audio Podcast:

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A Scholarly Teaching Adventure


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