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Dr. Jennifer Szydlik

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Jennifer Szydlik 

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From Grace Lim:

As the editor/producer of COLS Special Reports, I get to tell cool interesting stories about the people who make up the College of Letters and Science at the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh. The following Faculty and Staff Notes story is one that I am personally happy to highlight because  it is about one of my best friends, Dr. Jennifer Szydlik, a professor of mathematics.

Each year, the UW Board of Regents recognizes two faculty and academic staff members from the 26 UW System institutions. This year, they tapped Dr. Szydlik as a 2010 Regents Teaching Excellence Award winner.

Along with this honor is $5,000 and 5 minutes to address the regents at their August meeting in Madison. You must watch how Dr. Szydlik used her 5 minutes at the mic. I will only say this: this woman is like a verbal ninja.


Not the Usual Acceptance Speech

Jennifer Szydlik, a professor of mathematics at UW Oshkosh, addressed the Board of Regents of the University of Wisconsin System at its August meeting in Madison, where she was awarded a 2010 Regents Teaching Excellence Award. Regent Jeffrey Bartell gave the introduction and a glimpse into her storied teaching career. Dr. Szydlik's speech starts at 3:55.

Watch her Board of Regents speech first, then listen to the my sit-down interview with her. In this audio-only podcast, Dr. Szydlik, whom I really know as Jen, will share her thoughts about what makes a good teacher, why she hasn’t balanced her checkbook since 1987 and what she  is going to do with her $5,000 prize.

(Please pardon the paroxysm of laughter in the podcast.)


These podcasts are also available for download to your iPod through UW Oshkosh  iTunesU (requires iTunes).


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