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A Beyond Classroom Walls Event

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About Beyond Classroom Walls

Beyond Classroom Walls: UW Oshkosh Students and Faculty Take on the Real World showcases some of the high quality work that students do outside the traditional classroom structure. Working in concert with their instructors, students apply their classroom lessons under real-life conditions that have real-life measurable impact.

The Nov. 11, 2010 Beyond Classroom Walls event is a combined celebration of the following student-faculty collaborative works and a public recognition of an extraordinary example of community volunteerism. 

The event will be held at the Reeve Union Theatre and the Steinhilber Gallery at the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh. Exhibit will open at 5:30 p.m.; welcome and presentation at 6 p.m. Light refreshments will be provided.

Beyond Classroom Walls spotlights:

Lights, Camera, Action title cardLights, Camera, Action!
Troy Perkins, Department of Radio-Television-Film, used his industry connections to bring professionals in to mentor and work alongside students in professional productions.

prison from inside out title cardPrison from the Inside
Out Dr. Carmen Heider, Department of Communication, helmed the first Inside-Out Student Exchange class in Wisconsin, which gave 10 female inmates and 10 University of Wisconsin Oshkosh students a different perspective about life inside and outside prison walls.

The Grand PlanThe Grand Plan
Dana Baumgart and Dr. Sara Hansen, Department of Journalism, and their students took on a real-life client: the Grand Opera House, which sought a marketing and branding plan to attract college students to the city’s historical cultural venue.

Testing the Waters Title CardTesting the Waters
Dr. Greg Kleinheinz and Dr. Colleen McDermott, Department of Biology/Microbiology, oversaw the Environmental Microbiology Collaboration project, which has given more than 150 graduate and undergraduate students the opportunity to work in the field collecting and analyzing data, design experiments and present results at scientific meetings.  

Airboat Rescue 1 Title CardAirboat Rescue 1: When the Ice Breaks
Grace Lim, Department of Journalism, tapped the wealth of talent on campus (Radio-TV-Film students Trent Hilborn and Mark Mazur, Shawn McAfee, UW Oshkosh Learning Technologies, Professor Andre Gaskins, Department of Music and his students Amanda Martin and Callie Soddy) to tell the extraordinary story of Norm and Joyce Lee and their sons Colin and Perry, who’ve selflessly served the community as volunteer ice rescuers for more than three decades.

These  stories in Beyond Classroom Walls are only a few examples of how the
students and faculty at the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh are taking on the “real world.”

Click here for the complete coverage of the Beyond Classroom Walls event.


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