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Grace LimThe College of Letters and Science Special Reports is an online multimedia publication, which highlights excellence in teaching and learning. Faculty members are encouraged to use this forum to share their work inside and outside the classroom. To nominate a Special Reports Spotlight, please e-mail Grace Lim at

Special Reports is produced by Grace Lim, an adjunct instructor in the journalism department, with the help of University Media Services. Lim is a longtime journalist, whose works have appeared in the Austin American-Statesman, the Miami Herald and People magazine.

Katie Holliday

Katie Holliday is a multimedia news intern for COLS Special Reports. She is a junior at UW Oshkosh, majoring in journalism and minoring in psychology. She was in the Writing for the Media class which produced the War: Through Their Eyes multimedia student journalism project and is a general assignments reporter for the Advance-Titan. 


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