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A Life on the Run Podcasts

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Right before they retired after a storied career at UW Oshkosh, longtime track and cross country John Zupanc and Deb Vercauteren sat down with student multimedia reporters Eric Balkman and Andrew Munger to reflect on their years at the University. These podcasts are audio-only.

In this opening segment of the podcast, the two coaches discuss their mixed emotions about leaving, when they knew the programs were turning into national powerhouses and if they could have achieved the same success at a different university.

A Life on the Run Podcast1


Vercauteren and Zupanc respond to the praise they have received from former athletes Liz Woodworth and Jamie Pollard, as well as former UW Oshkosh Athletic Director AL Ackerman.

A Life on the Run Podcast 2 
The coaches touch on how they know how well their athletes are going to run before the race even starts, getting a new group of athletes to mesh every year, their methods of recruiting and Zupanc gives his seven philosophies on life.

 A Life on the Run Podcast 3


Vercauteren and Zupanc mull their favorite championship teams, the changing of the guard in the UW Oshkosh athletic department and their competitions between each other around the office and in their home.

 A Life on the Run Podcast 4
In their last podcast at UW Oshkosh, the two coaches reminisce of their fondest memories from their careers, their future relationship with UW-Oshkosh, what they plan to do first in their retirements and how they wish to be remembered amongst the Titans.

 A Life on the Run Podcast 5


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