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Dance Trance: Spanish and Slavonic Dances for Symphony Orchestra

For its final concert of the semester on Dec. 10, the UW Oshkosh Symphony Orchestra is taking its audience to several dances. (See rest of story for slideshow and music clip.)


by Katie Holliday

For its final concert of the semester, the UW Oshkosh Symphony Orchestra is taking its audience to several dances. 

At the Dec. 10 Dance Trance: Spanish and Slavonic Dances for the Symphony Orchestra Concert, the 55-member ensemble at UW Oshkosh, will perform three selections including Suite No. 1 from Carmen by French composer Georges Bizet.

The famous piece has been a favorite among orchestra performers. Flautist Amanda Martin, a senior, and trombone player Matthew Bragstad, a freshman, said they have enjoyed the energy and intensity of the piece.

 Also included in the concert repertoire will be a piece by Russian composer Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov. Capriccio Espangol is a Spanish-inspired piece that is the favorite of Jacki Thering, a sixth-year violinist and concertmaster for this performance. “It’s really energetic, really fun, lots of different sections to listen for,” she said.  

The piece features the first violin part, which will exhibit Thering’s talents in her final performance with the orchestra, and includes several clarinet, flute, cello and French horn solos. The orchestra will also perform Opus 46 from the Slavonic Dances by Czech composer Antonin Dvorak.

Andre Gaskins, UW Oshkosh’s director of orchestral activities and cello, said he chose the pieces for this concert to showcase every member of the orchestra. “I want students to get excited about playing in the orchestra,” he said.

For Thering, the pieces are the perfect coda to her music life at the university. “It's nice to see such a jump in the level of music we're performing and the level of preparation that we've been able to put into this repertoire,” she said.  

The Dec. 10 concert will be the last for several orchestra members including Thering, cellist Kristin Freimark and clarinet player Val Yost and promises to be a good send-off for the graduating seniors.

The show will begin at 7:30 in Music Hall in the Arts and Communications Building. Tickets are free for UW Oshkosh students. Contact the UWO music department for other ticket pricing.

The following slideshow features a music clip  from the UW Oshkosh Symphony Orchestra's Oct. 25 concert. The photos were taken during the Nov. 6, 2009, rehearsal.)


UW Oshkosh Orchestra Promo

(photo credit: photo illustration and photos by Shawn McAfee of UW Oshkosh Media Services.)

For video podcasts and article about Andre Gaskins, UW Oshkosh director of orchestra activities and cello, please visit Maestro & Musician, A Chat with Andre Gaskins.

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