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The following policies only apply to suspensions within the College of Letters and Science. If you have questions about a suspension within another college — the College of Education, the College of Business, the College of Nursing — contact an adviser in Suite 202 of the Student Success Center for advice on how to proceed.

The University has academic "Good Standing Requirements." To meet these academic Good Standing Requirements, students must maintain an overall GPA of 2.0 or above and must achieve a minimum GPA of 1.0 each term. If a student does not meet these Good Standing Requirements, the University puts the student on probation. If the student falls below the Good Standing Requirements by either 1) earning a GPA below 2.0 for 3 consecutive semesters or 2) earning a GPA below a 1.0 in one semester, the student is suspended, the most serious form of academic probation. Once suspended, the student is cut off academically from the University for at least one semester and a summer session. In other words, the suspended student cannot, as a student in full standing, take courses on campus during this time period. However, students can, even while suspended, enroll as a special summer student and take courses.


Academic Suspension happens if a student does any one of the following:

  • Earns a cumulative GPA below 2.0 for 3 consecutive semesters; or
  • Earns a GPA below a 1.0 in one semester; or
  • Comes in as a transfer or reentry student who has not met the Good Standing Requirements and falls below a 2.0 cumulative GPA in 2 consecutive semesters; or
  • Returns to the University after a suspension and fails to maintain the Good Standing Requirements.

When a student is placed on Academic Suspension, he/she will receive two letters from the Registrar's Office. One letter arrives by mail; it outlines briefly the reason for the suspension and directs the student to see the official suspension letter sent to his/her e-mail. This official letter sent by e-mail outlines the steps to take to return to the University after a suspension and provides the steps to take to appeal a suspension.


Steps to Take Now to Return to the University After the Suspension:

  1. Get in touch with any of the offices or services at the University that you need to resolve the suspension and get back on track academically. In particular, contact Academic Advising for advice on how to best approach your suspension and alter your current status.
  2. Complete any incompletes. Remember a suspension letter means that your GPA is unsatisfactory. Therefore, completing an incomplete course could raise your overall GPA and, thus, change your status.
  3. Perform well in your interim course, if, at the time you receive your suspension letter, you are slated to take an interim course or are already taking one. Receiving a good grade in the interim class could help you meet the Good Standing Requirements and, thus, help you to return to the University.
  4. Appeal the suspension. If you believe that you were unable to fulfill the Good Standing Requirements due to circumstances beyond your control, then, you should file an appeal.

Steps to Take to Appeal a Suspension

  1. Write a formal letter appealing your suspension, explaining the reason for the appeal.
  2. Explain in the letter the extenuating circumstances—emergencies or disruptive circumstances beyond your control—that led to your suspension.
  3. Explain in the letter how you either a) resolved the difficulties that led to your suspension or b) plan to resolve the difficulties.
  4. Provide in the letter a plan of action which outlines your strategies for improving your academic status.
  5. Provide documentation from an outside source—a source other than yourself with authority to validate your position—with the Suspension Appeal letter. For example, if you had a medical emergency, then, you would include documentation from a doctor. 
  6. Turn in the letter and documentation before the deadline. These deadlines are laid out in your suspension letter.

You will be informed by the Registrar's Office about the outcome of your appeal. This decision from the Academic Standing Review Council is final. If the appeal does not turn out in your favor, remember you can still try the first two options outlined above in the "Steps to Take Now to Return to the University."


Steps to Take to Pursue Your Degree While Suspended

  • Finish up any incompletes from UW Oshkosh;
  • Take courses at other colleges or universities. Check with Academic Advising, Suite 202 in the Student Success Center, to get advice on which courses will transfer to UW Oshkosh;
  • Enroll, with the help of a Letters and Science academic adviser in  Suite 202 in the Student Success Center,  as a special summer student at UW Oshkosh and re-take a course that you failed;
  • Register as a special summer student at UW Oshkosh, with the help of a Letters and Science academic adviser in  Suite 202 in the Student Success Center, and enroll for up to 6 credits;
  • Work toward a resolution of any personal challenges that interfered with your ability to maintain an acceptable GPA; and/or
  • Maintain a record of the steps you have taken that prove you have grown academically and/or have changed your personal circumstances in ways that will allow you to meet the Good Standing Requirements.

Please remember: Grades from courses taken at other colleges or universities will not transfer in to UW Oshkosh, although the credit for these courses will transfer in.


Final Steps to Take for Re-entry to the University

After a period of a semester and a summer session on suspension, you can apply for re-entry to the University. It is important to recognize that, in order to succeed in this application, you must be able to show that the difficulties or challenges which led to your suspension have been adequately resolved and will no longer pose a threat to your success at the University.

  1. Go to the Admissions Office, Dempsey 135, and pick up a reentry application. Their phone number is (920) 424-0202
  2. Return the completed form to the Admissions Office by July 15th to be considered for reentry for the Fall Term and by December 15th to be considered for reentry for the Spring Term.
  3. Include any pertinent documentation from outside source(s) such as, for example, a supervisor, instructor or health care professional which show that your personal difficulties have been properly addressed.
  4. Provide your own record of the steps that you have taken to grow academically and/or to change your personal circumstances in ways that ensure your future academic success.

Remember, in order to succeed in applying for reentry, you must show evidence of academic growth since your suspension and, if necessary, of adequate resolution to any difficulties or challenges that led to your suspension. The section above entitled "Steps to Take to Pursue Your Degree While Suspended" provides strategies to take that will lead to a successful re-entry into the University.

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