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Curriculum Modifications

The following information about Curriculum Modifications pertains only to the College of Letters and Science. If you have questions about curriculum modifications within another college — the College of Education, the College of Business, or the College of Nursing — contact an adviser on the second floor of the Student Success Center for advice on how to proceed.

At times, students want to make changes to the standard requirements of their major or minor. In order to have such a change considered, students must request a curriculum modification be initiated by their faculty adviser or College of Letters and Science adviser.


Potential Forms of Curriculum Modifications

All of the potential forms of curriculum modifications below are considered on a case-by-case basis. Therefore, these are possibilities rather than guarantees of what might be changed within the curriculum.

The following might be waived:

  • Certain requirements of the major and/or minor;
  • The requirement of a minor for certain majors.

The following substitutions might be possible:

Requirements of the Major or Minor Possible Substitutions in Major or Minor
A Degree or General Education Course An Advanced Course in the Major
A Required Course  A Course Elective
A Required Course (for a New Major) A Similar Course from a Dropped Major
A Required Course*
A Transfer Course Counted Originally Toward a Different Area*

*For this last substitution, a Change of Transfer Evaluation often works best. See a transfer evaluator in the Admissions Office to determine the best way to proceed with this type of substitution.

Unalterable Major and Minor Requirements

The number of credits required for your major or minor cannot be changed; the number of credits is a standard set by the department and must be met by all students.

Steps to Take for a Curriculum Modification in a Major or Minor

  1. Ask your faculty adviser or a College of Letters and Science adviser in the Student Success Center  to modify your curriculum; and
  2. Once your adviser requests to modify your curriculum for the Major or Minor, get the appropriate signatures on the form (sometimes only your faculty adviser needs to sign it, but, at times, the Department Chair's signature is necessary).

Once you take the above steps, the form goes to Jean Patti, Student Academic Affairs Officer, Registrar's office, Dempsey 130. She then makes a decision about the curriculum modification and approves or denies the request. Although Jean Patt makes the final determination about the curriculum modification request, any College of Letters and Science adviser may initiate the proposal. 

Once Jean Patt makes her decision, you will receive a yellow copy of the Curriculum Modification form in the mail, informing you of her decision to either approve or deny the request. You should keep this copy of the form for your records.

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