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Credit Overload

When a student wants to take credits beyond what is allowed for a term by University Policy, the student requests a credit overload. To have a credit overload request approved, the overload must be due to "extraordinary circumstances." 

Maximum Credit Loads for Undergraduate Students

Course Length

Credits Allowed

17 Weeks


14 Weeks


8 Weeks


7 Weeks


4 Weeks


3 Weeks


For the College of Letters and Science, Jane Wypiszynski, Student Academic Affairs Officer, is the person who approves credit overloads.

Qualification for Requesting an Overload

If a student meets the qualifications A and B below, then, the student can request an overload through an Academic Adviser from UARC, Student Success Center, Suite 202. 

If a student does not meet the qualifications A and/or B below, the student can request an overload through Jane Wypiszynski, Student Academic Affairs Officer. 

A) Have extraordinary circumstances that justify a credit overload.

B) Have a cumulative GPA of at least 3.0 (this condition can be waived in certain circumstances).

Be aware that, if the number of total credits goes over 19, an additional tuition surcharge set by the state will need to be paid


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