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Tom Naps

Fundamentals of C++ and Data Structures: Advanced Course, Second Edition

by Thomas L. Naps and Kenneth A. Lambert

Fundamentals of C++ by Tom NapsThis text provides many step-by-step exercises and projects as well as case studies, end-of-lesson reviews and critical thinking projects. It also includes the most popular features of C++ such as object-oriented programming, class templates, and vector, matrix, and string classes. Optional sections on graphics programs to build student interest are also presented.

Completely updated and revised, this second edition includes additional coverage of new topics and expanded information to provide better support for the Advanced Placement exam.

Format: Textbook Paperback, 2nd ed. ISBN: 053869565X Publisher: Thomson Learning, Pub. Date: April 2001

Introduction to Computer Science with C++

by Thomas L. Naps, Kenneth A. Lambert and Douglas W. Nance

Introduction to Computer Science by Tom NapsFrom The Publisher

This is the only C++ textbook on the market that provides complete coverage of CS1 and CS2 in one volume. This book focuses on traditional CS1 and CS2 topics, while developing object-oriented programs. The software life cycle is emphasized throughout, with numerous case studies of varying size and complexity. The first third of the book covers program design with calculation, functions, control structures, and the use of objects. Beginning in Chapter 8, the next third of the book covers user-defined classes, inheritance, polymorphism, arrays, complexity analysis, and the development of abstract data types
(called ADTs). The last third of the book covers several standard ADTs - table, list, stack, queue, tree, and graph - including discussions of different implementations, applications, and the complexity of each ADT. Additional topics include recursion and advance sorting and searching techniques.

From Booknews

This textbook for a two-semester sequence focuses on the traditional computer science topics, while addressing the skills required to develop object-oriented programs. The second edition introduces the use of AP classes for strings, vectors and matrices, and inserts material on struts before the discussion of user-defined classes. Annotation c. Book News, Inc., Portland, OR (

Format: Textbook Hardcover, 2nd ed., 964pp. ISBN: 053436893X Publisher: Brooks/Cole Publishing Company
Pub. Date: February 2000 Edition Desc: 2ND BK&DK


Introduction to Data Structures and Algorithm Analysis with C++

by Thomas L. Naps and George J. Pothering

Algorithm Analysis by Tom NapsFrom The Publisher

This text provides an emphasis on abstract data types, algorithmic analysis, efficiency considerations and the implementation of data structures using object-oriented programming in C++. It does not assume student familiarity with C++ or object-oriented programming concepts. Usable for CS 2 and CS 7 courses.

Table of Contents

Preface. 1. Algorithms — Abstraction and Efficiency. 2. Data: Abstraction and Implementation. 3. Lists —
Operations, Implementations, and Applications. 4. Queues. 5. Stacks. 6. Recursion. 7. Binary Trees. 8.
More General Tree Structures. 9. Graphs and Networks. 10. Search Techniques for Conceptual Graphs and
Networks. 11. Additional Search Strategies. 12. Sorting — Revisited and Extended. 13. Memory
Management Techniques. Appendices.

Format: Textbook Hardcover, 1st ed., 603pp. ISBN: 0314045740 Publisher: West Publishing Company
Pub. Date: February 1995

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