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Martin Gruberg

Introduction to Law

by Martin Gruberg, Professor of Political Science

Intro to Law by GrubergThis book is an introduction to the study of law, appropriate for the beginning student in Introduction to
Law, Sociology of Law and Criminal Justice. It is interdisciplinary, employing insights from political
science, history, philosophy, sociology, and theology. It begins with an examination of law through the
ages. Next it looks at the place of law in society, focusing on a spectrum of private law arenas and on
the uses and abuses of law-making. There is a survey of the major branches of law. The book concludes
with an examination of philosophies of law and legal reasoning. The relative briefness of the text lends
itself to supplementation by a reader or monograph.

Table of Contents for Introduction to Law:

  • Preface
  • World Legal Systems: Past and Present: Primitive Law; Hebrew Law; Code of Hammurabi; Greek Law; Roman Law; For Want of Space and Time...; Canon Law; Islamic Law; Civil Law; Common Law; Marxist Law
  • Private Legal Systems: The Family; The Church; The University; The Scholl; The Corporation; The Union; The Bar; The Medical Professions; The Club; Etiquette; Sports; The Military
  • Big Brother and the Law: There Ought Not to be a Law!; Blue Laws; Crime and Punishment; Deja Vu: Alcohol Prohibition and Anti-Narcotics Crusading; Censorship; Some Mini-Debates; Anti-Miscegenation
    Laws; Child Custody
  • Conceptions of the Nature of Law: Formal (Analytical); Historical; Why Pay
    Attention to Philosophies of Law?; Functional: Realist; Sociological; Ethical Some
    Other Schools; Social Change: Do the Ends Justify the Means?
  • Legal Reasoning (Using Case Studies): The Court Martial of Lt. Calley; Texas
    vs. Oswald: The Untried Case; New Jersey vs. Bruno Richard Hauptmann; The
    Spelucean Explorers; The Grudge Informer; Mini Cases--Some Real, Some
  • Selected Further Readings
  • Index

University Press of America 0-7618-2506-1 March 2003 284pp

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