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Marshall Missner

On Hobbes

by Marshall Missner

On Hobbes by Marshall Missner

On Aristotle

by Marshall Missner & Garrett Thomson

On Aristotle by Marshall MissnerThese brief texts assist students in understanding Hobbes's and Aristotle's philosophies and thinking so that they can more fully engage in useful, intelligent class dialogue and improve their understanding of course content. Part of the "Wadsworth Philosophers Series," (which will eventually consist of approximately 100 titles, each focusing on a single "thinker" from ancient times to the present), On Hobbes and On Aristotle are written by philosophers deeply versed in the philosophy of these key thinkers. Like other books in the series, these concise books offer sufficient insight into the thinking of notable philosophers better enabling students to engage in the reading and to discuss the material in class and on paper.

ISBN: 0534575927 Format: Paperback, 96pp Pub. Date: January 2000, Publisher: Wadsworth Publishing Company
Series: Wadsworth Philosophers

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