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Kazimierz Zaniewski

The Atlas of Ethnic Diversity in Wisconsin

by Kazimierz J. Zaniewski and Carol J. Rosen

The Atlas of Ethnic by ZaniewskiDescription

The Atlas of Ethnic Diversity in Wisconsin is a clear and colorful reference to the spatial distribution and socioeconomic characteristics of the state's many ethnic groups. More than sixty groups, from African Americans and Armenians to Vietnamese and Welsh, are depicted in full-color maps and in tables and graphs derived from 1990 U.S. Census data.

Authors Kazimierz J. Zaniewski and Carol J. Rosen explain how the data was compiled and how best to interpret it. In introductions to each section, they provide historical and geographical explanations for the ways that various ethnic groups are distributed across Wisconsin. In addition, the Atlas includes an extensive bibliography and appendices of helpful maps and comparative data.

Sample Data

  • Though Luxembourger-Americans are few in number, there are more in Wisconsin than in any other state but Illinois. Wisconsin also ranks second among other states for Belgians and third for Hmong and Norwegians.
  • You can find a lot of Welsh in Wales (Wisconsin) and a lot of Swedes in Stockholm (Wisconsin).
  • In Wisconsin, most Albanians and Puerto Ricans live in cities; most Czechs and Pennsylvania Germans do not.
  • Turkish Wisconsinites are overwhelmingly male, and most have graduate degrees.
  • 40% of Slovenes in Wisconsin are more than 65 years old; 32% of Native Americans are less than 15 years old.


"A superb depiction of a state whose very character is pluralistic. Drawing on the authoritative 1990 U.S. Census and offering succinct profiles of about sixty of Wisconsin's ethnic groups, this work will endure as an outstanding reference. With understandable color maps clearly showing group locations and a variety of group statistics at the state and county level, the Atlas gives the reader Wisconsin's varied social makeup and also compares it to the rest of the nation. Sophisticated and lucid, the Atlas is a guide for students, scholars, professionals, and the general public to acquaint them with America's Dairy State. It is a fitting memorial to Wisconsin's Sesquicentennial."—Victor Greene, professor of history, University of Wisconsin Milwaukee, author of American Immigrant Leaders, 1800–1910

"The attractive maps and graphics offer the reader a unique means of learning about individual ethnic groups, as well as making comparisons between groups. The Atlas will appeal to educators, to genealogists who wish to find an appropriate geographic context for their research, and to the general public interested in Wisconsin's cultural history and geography."——Robert C. Ostergren, professor of geography, University of Wisconsin Madison, coauthor of The Cultural Map of Wisconsin and coeditor of Wisconsin Land and Life.

About the Authors

Kazimierz J. Zaniewski is assistant professor of geography at the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh and formerly taught at Warsaw University in Poland. Carol J. Rosen is associate professor of geography at the University of WisconsinWhitewater. She is the coeditor of the book Teaching American Ethnic Geography and is past president of the Wisconsin Geographical Society.

Hardcover - 288 pages (February 1999) University of Wisconsin Press; ISBN: 029916070X ; Dimensions (in inches): 1.10 x 11.34 x 8.80; 133 color maps, 452 tables & graphs.

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