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Carolyn Wells

The Social Work Experience: An Introduction to Social Work and Social Welfare

by Mary Ann Suppes and Carolyn Cressy Wells

The Social Work Experience by WellsCreated to introduce students to the field of social work and its relationship to social welfare policy, The Social Work Experience gives readers both an historical and practical overview of the profession. In each chapter, the authors continue to integrate policy coverage with social work practice, values and ethics, and social justice issues. The relationship between policy and practice is carefully examined in the context of nine major fields of social work, and in discussions of the challenges faced by today's practitioners. Comprehensive coverage is delivered in the highly readable style readers have come to expect of this author team, with engaging case studies as chapter openers, exhibit boxes, debate boxes, and research activity sections designed to draw readers into the text. The third edition continues to keep up with current changes and developments in social work and social policy, with valuable new information on welfare reform, Social Security, privatization of social services, and the NASW Code of Ethics, as well a new chapter on current career opportunities in the field.

ISBN: 0-07-228226-6 Description: © 2000 / Softcover / 528 pages Publication Date: September 1999 McGraw-Hill

Social Work Day to Day: The Experience of Generalist Social Work Practice

by Carolyn Cressy Wells and Ronald C. Federico

Social Work Day to Day by WellsThis book tells the story of a real social worker's practice in two rural townships over the course of a year. Each chapter reads like a social worker's “diary”, containing stories about clients and showing how this social worker reacted to a variety of situations. “Discussion and Study Questions” at the end of each chapter help students understand the connection between personal and professional lives, policy and practice issues, individual and environmental perspectives, and social work values and social justice concerns.

Publisher: Allyn & Bacon Copyright: 1999 Format: Paper, 242 pp ISBN: 0-8013-1800-9 Status: Published 06/18/1998

Stepping to the Dance: The Training of a Family Therapist

by Carolyn Cressy Wells

Stepping to the Dance by WellsAre all therapists free of problems of their own? Of course not, and yet this is the first book to show the interweaving of issues occurring in the lives of the therapist and the clients served. The reader meets JoEllen Madsen, a professional social worker who is facing her own personal challenges. Next, the reader is introduced to the Petersons, a family that includes parents struggling with marital difficulties and a son and daughter who are having serious problems in school. The Petersons enter into family therapy with JoEllen, now a student in a post-graduate training program. As readers follow the course of therapy, they will be engaged both emotionally and intellectually. Provocative reading, the book illustrates the complexity of family therapy, the skills and techniques involved, and the importance of ongoing consultation, supervision, and personal work by the therapist.

Paperback - 339 pages 1st edition (July 28, 1997) Wadsworth Pub Co; ISBN: 0534349501 ; Dimensions (in inches): 0.63 x 9.18 x 6.38

Social Work Ethics Day to Day: Guidelines for Professional Practice

by Carolyn Cressy Wells and M. Kathleen Masch

Social Work Ethics Day to Day by WellsHow do professional social workers resolve the ethical dilemmas that occur daily while making sure that their clients get the help they need? Professional social workers, attempting to fulfill the needs of their clients, face ethical dilemmas on a daily basis and make practice decisions with incomplete information in situations that present irreconcilable and irresolvable problems. Yet social workers entering the profession are frequently unprepared for the complex ethical issues with which they must cope. This book examines conflicts in social work ethics as they arise in daily professional practice. Wells and Masch use a selected urban agency, an early intervention center for handicapped children, as a springboard for discussion and as an illustration of the ethical issues. In addition they show how the social worker actually resolves these problems on a daily basis. Each chapter examines one of the six major principles of the Social Work Code of Ethics of the National Association of Social Workers, exploring both the general issues each principle attempts to address and, through case studies, the significant and often problematic nature of the principles. A collaborative effort drawing on academic and professional experience, Social Work Ethics Day to Day offers both solid scholarship and discussions that are practical, contemporary, and down to earth. The crisp, informal writing style and clear organization make the book easily accessible.

Paperback (December 1990) Waveland Press; ISBN: 0881335460

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