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Baron Perlman

Lessons Learned, Volume 2: Practical Advice for the Teaching of Psychology

Edited by Baron Perlman, Lee McCann and Susan McFadden

Lessons Learned Vol 2 by PerlmanLessons Learned Volume 2: Practical Advice for the Teaching of Psychology is essential for anyone in psychology who teaches.  It includes tips on integrating media, teaching scientific methodology, classroom fairness, storytelling, student motivation, teaching non-traditional students, managing your teaching load, the first day of class, teaching a course you feel unprepared to teach, and much more.  The successor to 1999's Lessons Learned, this extraordinary publication presents selections from the popular Teaching Tips column of the Observer, the monthly news publication of the American Psychological Society.

Each chapter is a stimulating source of guidance and information on critical issues.  It can be read cover-to-cover for a comprehensive teaching experience, or even used as an introductory textbook for teachers-in-training.  Both the savvy veteran wishing to fine-tune skills and the new instructor looking to establish a solid pedagogical foundation will benefit from the wide range of topics offered in Lessons Learned.  This practical, hands-on series is an invaluable resource for teachers-to-be, new teachers and seasoned educators alike.

Published by the American Psychological Society, 2004, ISBN 0-9626884-3-6

The Academic Intrapreneur Strategy, Innovation, and Management in Higher Education

by Baron Perlman, Jim Gueths and Donald Weber

The Academic Intrapreneur Strategy by PerlmanA pioneering contribution to the literature of intrapreneurship, this volume offers a unique new perspective on the subject by focusing on intrapreneurship in academe. The authors assert that the corporate lessons of survival, competition, and getting the job done--all widely documented in studies of intrapreneurship--are equally relevant, indeed vital, to institutions of higher education. They show how a university's productive capacity can be dramatically improved by incorporating the principles of intrapreneurship into an academic setting. They also offer practical strategies for intrapreneurial change drawn from their own experiences.

From Book News, Inc.
An examination of organizational dynamics as they are affected by internal creative processes, using the example of a regional state university campus, which dynamics the authors believe are applicable to other public institutions or possibly organizations of any kind. Emphasis is on the utilization of planning and implementation skills already present within the organization, and the means of activating such resources. The authors are experienced academics and university administrators. Annotation copyright Book News, Inc. Portland, Or.

Format :Hardcover, 224pp. ISBN: 0275929515 Publisher: Greenwood Publishing Group, Pub. Date: January 1988

Recruiting Good College Faculty: Practical Advice for a Successful Search

by Baron Perlman and Lee McCann

Recruiting Good College Faculty by PerlmanThis practical book lays out the steps of a fair, organized, and comprehensive faculty recruitment process. Organized into three parts (educational context, good teaching and scholarship, and the search), each chapter includes exercises, checklists, and recommended readings.

Contents include:

  • ethical issues in recruiting
  • recognizing good teaching and evaluating a portfolio
  • evaluating scholarship and artistic performance
  • screening, selecting, and identifying final candidates
  • the campus visit: before, during, and after
  • retaining your new hire

Hardcover (January 1996) Anker Publishing; ISBN: 1882982118

Another book, Organizational Entrepreneurship, co-authored with Jeffrey R. Cornwall is currently out of print. It may be available through an out-of-print search service. Amazon

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