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College Committees

College of Letters and Science Standing Committees 2014-15
(chairs to be elected at the first meeting in Fall 2014)


Descriptions of Committee 


Faculty Committee
Alison Shaw (Music)
Miles Maguire (Journalism)
Christie Launius (Women's and Gender Studies)
Stephen Bentivenga (Biology)
Brant Kedrowski (Chemistry)
John Cross (Geography & Urban Planning) - chair in spring
David Siemers (Political Science) - chair in fall

Program Review
Kenneth Liske (Music)
Jennifer Considine (Communication)
Jeffrey Behm (Religious Studies/Anthro)
Linfeng Xie (Chemistry)
Sabrina Mueller-Spitz (Biology/Microbiology)
Gabriel Loiacono (History)
*James Koch (Psychology)

Merlaine Angwall (Theatre)
Isabel Alvarez (Foreign Languages & Literatures)
Stephanie May de Montigny (Religious Studies/Anthro)
David Penniston (Mathematics)
*Dennis Rioux (Physics/Astronomy)
Colin Long (Geography & Urban Planning)
Fredi Giesler (Social Work)

Student Academic
Jaehan Bae (Art)
Laura Jean Baker (English)
Caryn Murphy (Communication)
Jonathan Gutow (Chemistry)
*John Beam  (Math)
Orlee Hauser (Sociology)
Erin Winterrowd (Psychology)

Gail Panske (Art)
Roberta Maguire (English)
Catherine Bryan (Foreign Languages)
Jennifer Wenner (Geology)
*Jennifer Szydlik (Math)
David Jones (Criminal Justice)
Kimberly Rivers (History)

Julia Chybowski (Music)
Nadia Louar (Foreign Languages & Literatures)
Alan Lareau (Foreign Languages & Literatures)
David Furcy (Computer Science)
Todd Kostman (Biology/Microbiology) - chair in fall
James Krueger (Political Science) - chair in spring
Michelle Kuhl (History)

Academic Council for Interdisciplinary Studies

Michael Baltutis (Religious Studies & Anthropology)
Monika Hohbein-Deegen (Foreign Languages)
Joan Hart (Mathematics)
*Maureen Muldoon (Geology)
Heike Alberts (Geography & Urban Planning)
Ana Maria Kapelusz-Poppi (History)

* Committee Conveners

Committee Chair(s) are bold


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