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College Committees

College of Letters and Science Standing Committees 2013-2014


Descriptions of Committee 


Faculty Committee
Alison Shaw (Music)
Pete Brown (Religious Studies/Anthro)
Christie Launius (Women's and Gender Studies)
Eric Hiatt (Geology)
Brant Kedrowski (Chemistry)
Kazimeirz Zaniewski (Geography & Urban Planning)
David Siemers (Political Science)

Program Review
Jane Purse-Wiedenhoeft (Theatre)
Robert Wagoner (Philosophy)
Jeffrey Behm (Religious Studies/Anthro)
David Penniston (Mathematics)
Sabrina Mueller-Spitz (Biology/Microbiology)
Michael Rutz (History)
James Koch (Psychology)

Merlaine Angwall (Theatre)
Kay Neal (Communication)
Stephanie May de Montigny (Religious Studies/Anthro)
William Mode (Geology)
Dennis Rioux (Physics/Astronomy)
Kazimierz Zaniewski
(Geography & Urban Planning)
Fredi Giesler (Social Work)

Student Academic
Jaehan Bae (Art)
Susan Bales Ridgely (Religious Studies/Anthro)
Caryn Murphy (Communication)
Dennis Rioux (Physics & Astronomy)
John Beam  (Math)
Anna Filipova (Public Administration)
Erin Winterrowd (Psychology)

Gail Panske (Art)
Mike Cowling (Journalism)
Catherine Bryan (Foreign Languages)
Nadia Kaltcheva (Physics & Astronomy)
Jennifer Szydlik (Math)
David Jones (Criminal Justice)
Kimberly Rivers (History)

Karina Cutler-Lake (Art)
Laura Jean Baker (English)
Susan Bales Ridgely (Religious Studies/Anthro)
Jennifer Szydlik (Mathematics)
Todd Kostman (Biology/Microbiology)
James Krueger (Political Science)
Michelle Kuhl (History)

Academic Council for Interdisciplinary Studies

Mary Hoefferle (Art)
Jodi Eichler-Levine (Religious Studies & Anthropology)
Monika Hohbein-Deegen (Foreign Languages)
Gregory Adler (Biology/Microbiology)
Maureen Muldoon (Geology)
Heike Alberts (Geography & Urban Planning)
Ana Marie Kapelusz-Poppi (History)

* Committee Conveners

Committee Chair(s) are bold


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