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SPRING 2016: Dr. Aaron Karst will offer a Special Topics in Psychology course (PSY 490), on the "Neuropsychology of Autism", his research area. This course WILL count as Neuro Minor elective credits.  Contact Dr. Karst about enrolling ( Course description:

Autism is a pervasive developmental disorder characterized by specific behavioral manifestations and involves a multitude of cognitive impairments of which the neurobiological bases are still ill defined. This course will begin by briefly studying the history of Autism followed by the observable behavioral features used for diagnosis. The majority of the course will focus on the neuropsychology and cognitive neuroscience of the spectrum. Readings will come from primary sources within the field that have made significant contributions to our current understanding of the disorder. Students will be expected to lead class sessions, interact in discussions and prepare a term paper. 




Cognitive Neuroscience Society (CNS) annual meeting will be held in New York City this year (2016) on April 2-5

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