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Undergraduate Profile: Cal Boren

Cal BorenHometown: Florence, Wis.
Year in school: Senior
Major/Minor: Elementary Education/ Science Minor
Clubs/Involvement: I am the Student Wisconsin Education Association (Student WEA) secretary, vice president for the UW Oshkosh Habitat for Humanity, senior organizer for the Tunnel of Oppression and have held a number of residence life positions including community development specialist, senior community advisor and community advisor.

Why did you choose UW Oshkosh?

I chose UW Oshkosh because as soon as I stepped on campus for my first visit I felt at home. The admissions team was very welcoming and enthusiastic. In addition, I really enjoyed the size of the campus. Being able to get from one side of campus to the other in 10 minutes…priceless! I chose UWO for many reasons and I am very glad that I did. I have never regretted my decision.

What inspired you to become a teacher?

When I was younger I wanted to be a teacher because I thought it would be cool to have a chalkboard and be able to give tests to people. I chose to enter the field of education because I truly enjoy watching others grow and learn. That moment when a student finally gets it and the light bulb goes on is one teaching experience that I look forward to.  Being a lifelong learner and providing the foundation for my students to grow and excel is why I wanted to become a teacher.

What advice do you have for younger students in the education program?

Get involved with the multitude of organizations in the COEHS as well as the over 150 other organizations on campus! Each organization is unique and has something to offer future educators. Another piece of advice is to stay focused on your schoolwork. Be sure to utilize your Community Advisor in the Residence Halls, the Undergraduate Academic Resource Center, and any higher-level undergraduate students to your advantage! Each resource has a lot of valuable information and that can help you grow during your college years.

What is your involvement in Student WEA?

This year I serve as the secretary for Student WEA. I am responsible for taking minutes at each of our meetings and keeping track of all of our member’s attendance throughout the semester. In addition I also create and produce two newsletters per semester that directly relate to Student WEA and the College of Education and Human Services (COEHS). I also participate in Student WEA Family Game Day and attending our bi-weekly meetings.

Food you could not live without: I wouldn’t necessarily say this is a food but my necessity is COFFEE… I need my coffee!

What is your dream job: As of right now I actually have two dream jobs! My first is to become a third grade teacher. I love working with children and having the opportunity to make a difference in a child’s life. My second dream job is to become a Residence Hall Director at a UW Campus. 

Favorite class taken: Educational Foundations 406–Foundations of Multicultural Education

A quote that inspires you: "People are not lazy. They simply have impotent goals-- that is, goals that do not inspire them."-Anthony Robbins

Favorite movie: WALL-E

Hobbies outside of the classroom: Golfing and photography

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