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Undergraduate Profile: Braden Frederickson

Braden FredericksonHometown: Oshkosh, Wis.
Year in school: Senior
Major/Minor: Elementary Education Major/ History Minor

Clubs/Involvement: I currently am the President of Student Wisconsin Education Association (Student WEA) at the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh. My responsibilities include keeping track of my team and their own assignments. I also serve on the board of directors at the state level and have been a part of state committees such as Educational Issues and Professional Development.

What is Student WEA?

"Student WEA is the daughter organization of the Wisconsin Education Association Council (WEAC), the State’s largest teachers union. We are a pre-professional organization primarily focused on providing opportunities for networking and professional development for future teachers. UW Oshkosh has one of the largest chapters in Wisconsin. Student WEA holds regular chapter meetings during the semester where we cover business at the local and state levels and also where we have presentations on issues or topics that are vogue in education."

Why did you choose to major in education?

"I chose education because in no other field is there as much potential for greatness. Working with people has always been a pleasure and a passion for me. Seeing the opportunities and knowing that I have the potential to make an impact makes any job worthwhile. I feel that Education will change a great deal over the next 30 years. I would like to be a part of that change because I know it will be for the better."

What is your advice to younger education students?

"My advice to those who might be pursuing education or any other field is that it is ‘okay’ to be uncomfortable. The rigorous demands that this atmosphere offers are not supposed to give you answers. Instead, they are intended to test you to the extent that you will one day be happy due to the successes and failures you endured while trying to figure out who you truly are. Appreciate your college years for what they are worth and enjoy this personal investigation. There is a purpose for everything, however, it is just really cloudy at times and clear in retrospect."

Favorite class taken: “Individual, School and Society” with Stephen Rose is by far one of the most insightful classes I’ve taken. His perspective, the wealth of knowledge and the way he shared it mixed with our classes discussions were plenty of reason to attend and do well.

Dream job: My dream job is sticking up for public education and advocating the many reasons why I feel that education is one thing that just cannot be privatized. Perhaps my job will be holding public office, working in law or administration, or just simply coaching and teaching kids at any level.

Food you couldn’t live without: There is nothing better than my mom’s cheesy potatoes.

Most meaningful quote:  “Peace begins with a smile”- Mother Theresa. My smile is everything to me but more importantly is the fact that sometimes doing the littlest thing goes the longest way.

Hobbies outside of class: I will tap the keys of just about any keyboard or piano till my fingers hurt. I like the outdoors, especially camping annually with my best friends from high school. I have always loved sports, especially soccer.  Reading about history or social patterns is fun, as well as, books pertaining to personal growth and biographies of great leaders (past and present). And, who doesn’t like to travel?

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