Interview with Tracy

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Interview with Tracy

Student testimonial about the act! program with Tracey.

Tracey, ACT! Graduate

Tracy - act! graduate

Any background information which you would like to share…

I am a UWO alumna; I earned a Master of Science degree in Mathematics Education in 2003. In 2007, I was teaching undergraduate courses in math for future elementary teachers. During some online research for my classes, I happened upon the act!Program and I was immediately interested. As a mathematics educator, I wanted to learn as much as I possibly could about instructional resources and strategies, curriculum, assessment, and professional development in our secondary schools. act! provided me with a fantastic opportunity to accomplish all of my goals.


Why did you choose to change your career to secondary teaching in math or science?

I love working with middle school students; they are creative, energetic, curious, and idealistic. As a teacher, it’s the most fun and challenging opportunity I can think of.

Why did you choose the act! program?

The act! Staff cares about student success. From initial contact to advising to coursework to licensure, I received an exceptional education in a collaborative and supportive learning environment. 

What is your current profession?

I am still teaching postsecondary classes while I search for a middle school math position. And, I am pursuing a second master’s degree at UWO.

How are you feeling about your decision to change professions?

I am incredibly happy. Through the act! Program, I have grown personally, academically, and professionally. And, I have met and worked with the most amazing group of teachers and students.

What is the best part of the act! program and the alternative pathway to licensure?

The act! Program provides credit for applicable classes you’ve already completed and any existing classroom experience you may have. Therefore, the countdown to licensure moves along quickly.

What has been the most challenging component of licensure?

The transition from full-time teacher back to full-time student was the biggest challenge for me. However, it was totally worth it!

If you recieved a Noyce Scholarship, how did that affect your path to licensure?

I am so proud to be a Noyce Scholar. The National Science Foundation recognition is truly an honor. I have found that it opens doors in STEM fields and beyond. And, the corresponding financial award was crucial for my family. It provided me with the opportunity to focus solely on my graduate coursework and the student teaching experience. Moreover, I was able to become meaningfully involved in my school district; I coached varsity and junior varsity tennis, attended professional development seminars with cooperating teachers, and volunteered for an afterschool program.

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