Interview with David

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Interview with David

David, ACT! Graduate

David completed the act! program.

Any background information which you would like to share…

My name is David. I completed the act! program in the Spring of 2013. I’m now a full-time math teacher in White Lake, Wisconsin. I previously had a degree in Engineering and found that I had much more of a passion to work with young people and found that much more rewarding than what I had been doing for a paycheck so I made the transition. The act! program was tremendously helpful in allowing me to make that transition. I had previously attempted to make the transition, but the amount of time and course work and hoops that I needed to jump through were prohibitive to me being able to make that transition so finding the act! program was a blessing for me and with the help of the Noyce scholarship as well as the support of family members I was able to navigate through the coursework and achieve licensure and find a full-time position. I am thrilled to have made the transition and really happy to be where I am now.

What could you say about the act! program?

The program and the people who led the program were tremendously supportive and helpful in anyway needed as I went through the process of achieving licensure, preparing to look for a job, and gaining employment as a teacher. The experience has been tremendous for me. I would encourage anybody who has the type of passion that I had to make that transition, to explore the possibility of entering the act! program. My personal experience has been tremendous. It has been a great life change for me and it wouldn’t have been able to happen without the act! program and the Noyce scholarship in place.

What was the largest challenge you faced?

The most challenging part of the process was preparing for the Praxis II exam to gain licensure  - both preparing for [the PRAXIS II] after having been away from some of the material for many years, as well as just the anxiety that goes along with that process. It is a very high stakes test. Make sure you’re making the transition into teaching for the right reasons. If you are it can be tremendously rewarding. If you’re doing it for the wrong reasons you’ll find it tremendously challenging.

Do you have any advice for aspiring teachers?

As you look for employment, find a way to highlight what you believe is going to make you stand out as a teacher, what makes you special. In my case, I thought it was just simply the passion I had for being committed to working with these young people and finding ways to help them be successful and I think that passion showed in the interview process. So everyone is going to have something different, but find what makes you special and try to highlight that as you go through the competitive process. 


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