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Scholarship Testimonials


Nou BaslerNou Basler
2012 recipient of the Patricia J. Koll Scholarship

Pursing her master's in curriculum and instructions with an emphasis in English as a second language as a nontraditional student, Basler said the scholarship helped her to complete her masters in a timely fashion.  “From my bottom of my heart, I thank the donors and the Department of Curriculum and Instructions for all your blessings and assistance through my continued education experience,” she said.




Samantha HesselSamantha Hessel
2012 recipient of the Patti Ackerman Scholarship, Clarice Mae Johnson Mandel Education Scholarship, Thelma Davis Thompson Scholarship and the Mary Drecktrah Special Education Scholarship

For Hessel the scholarships mean having the ability to continue her education at UW Oshkosh; without them she would be feeling additional pressure to worry about paying for bills and school. With the help of the scholarship donors she has been able to concentrate on her education.  “By receiving the scholarships I feel my academic and volunteer accomplishments have been recognized. I am so grateful for my scholarships,” she said.



McKenzie RetzlaffMcKenzie Retzlaff
2012 recipient of the
Eugene and Nancy Winkler Scholarship

While balancing a full credit schedule, working two jobs, volunteering, being involved in campus organizations and serving as an officer in honor society, Retzlaff feels this award recognizes the work she has done for herself and UW Oshkosh. “The scholarship drives me to not only continue to work hard in school, but maintain my connections and continue to become even more involved with the University. I plan on looking back with only fond memories when I graduate in three years and receiving will be one of the many reasons why I will be smiling,” she said.




Chelsea Jarnigo
2012 recipient of the Irene L. Blanchette Sophomore Achievement Award

Jarnigo is grateful to receive an award that identifies students who have progressed throughout their academic careers. “Receiving this award has not only given me pride in the work that I have done, but is has also given me the motivation to do well in the future because my hard work is being acknowledged."




Lisa NoeLisa Noe
2011 Recipient of the Betty Griesbach Scholarship

"Words cannot describe the feeling of receiving a scholarship.  It is a tremendous weight off my shoulders.  I am a working mom with four children and I attend school full time.  Receiving a scholarship gives me the opportunity to continue toward my goal of becoming a kindergarten teacher in an inclusive classroom.  Making a difference in the lives of children is important to me.  Receiving a scholarship makes it easier for me to focus more on my schooling and less on where the money for classes and books needs to come from."

Ryan Zak"Receiving the scholarship means the world to me!  Knowing that I will be assisted in paying for my last semester at UWO is an awesome way to leave the university, heading into my profession.  I have worked many hours and long days to stay afloat financially while attending college.  This scholarship definitely helps out monetarily, and also boosts my confidence knowing that others notice my academic and leadership success. This scholarship is an award that I am so honored to receive as it is one more step to achieving my goal and my dream of becoming a teacher!"

Ryan Zak
2011 recipient of the Clarice Mae Johnson Mandel Education Scholarship



Mee Yang"I am honored to have received scholarships from the College this year because that means I can take care of my bills.  We are all citizens of the world, and I plan to pass on this act of kindness when I become an English teacher by creating scholarship opportunities for my future students."

Mee Yang
2011 recipient of the Gladys W. Ihde Education Scholarship and the Stanley Larson



Sarah Mueler"I feel very honored and privileged to have received a COEHS Scholarship. I pay for college COMPLETELY on my own so I am especially appreciative of the donors who fund these types of scholarships. Thanks to them, financing my college education is much less burdensome since it allows me to concentrate more on my studies and not have to worry about working a full time job on top of going to school."   

Sarah Mueller
2010 recipient of the Suzanne Harriet Pearson Landes and James Hazelton Pearson Scholarship


Sarah Schuh"I do not receive any financial assistance whatsoever; I am solely responsible for any and all college and personal expenses. I have been so blessed to win these scholarships, and they not only mean security for me but they are an honor, an excellent recognition for all of my academic endeavors. I am endlessly grateful and only hope that I can someday financially contribute in the same way the donors have contributed to me."

Sarah Schuh


"Receiving this scholarship and being recognized for my accomplishments demonstrates to me that someone believes in my education and feels that it is important to be a life long learner. I am grateful to these donors and appreciate their financial support to help make my educational endeavors become a reality. With the high cost of tuition, books and gas, it is reassuring that other people are able to help support students in their education."
Laura Oelke




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