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Recent JSOnline articles offer perspectives for thought, discussion

Two recent education-related articles from JSOnline offer important points of perspective and discussion for UW Oshkosh COEHS students, faculty and staff.

Brief excepts and links to the full articles are below.

The Changing Classroom: Loss of master's degree pay bump has impact on teachers, grad schools

By Erin Richards of the Journal Sentinel, Sept. 1, 2012

For decades it's been a familiar pattern in Wisconsin's public schools: Young teachers get a few years of experience, then start pursuing their master's degrees.

The advanced degrees in education could help their practice, but they were also a surefire way to improve their pay under union contracts that awarded automatic salary increases for additional education and seniority. The so-called master's bump helped increase lifelong earnings.

But in the new landscape shaped by legislation that rolled back collective bargaining in early 2011, Wisconsin school districts no longer have to pay teachers extra money for such degrees, a move that's disrupting a pipeline of enrollment into graduate schools of education and causing those institutions to refine their offerings.   Read more >>


Outlook not set in stone for school of education enrollment

By Arthur Thomas, Sept. 1, 2012

As the second school year since the passage of Act 10 approaches, leaders of education schools around the state say it is tough to tell if fewer new college freshmen are choosing to major in education.

While many leaders at schools of education said they have heard anecdotally that students are turning away from teaching as a career, it is hard to pin down exactly how much of a drop in enrollment there may have been.

Several factors contribute to the cloudy picture. Officials from schools of education say there has been a drop in the number of high school graduates, which limits enrollment overall.   Read more >>

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