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Oshkosh votes YES on Referendum, Board Members Re-elected

The votes have been counted, and voters approved the Oshkosh Area School District (OASD) Referendum of Learning. The request to exceed the state-imposed revenue limits will increase funding to help the district avoid additional budget cuts in the upcoming school year and upgrade instructional technology that will keep the schools and students competitive in the future.

Two College of Education and Human Services employees were re-elected to the OASD School Board, Dr. John Lemberger and Dr. Barbara Herzog.  

Lemberger, professor and Chair of the Curriculum and Instruction Department, has served on the board for six years helping hire the new superintendent, Stan Mack; oversee the construction of Oaklawn Elementary and deal with the changes as a result of Act 10.  Goals for his next three-year term include the realigning of the south-side schools, implementing the district’s one-to-one technology program, and helping the district continue to proactively respond to Act 10 changes. 

Herzog, Program Coordinator for the Center for Additional Teaching Licenses, was appointed to the board last August. She had previously served as a Central Office Administrator in the district for over 20 years. With her re-election, she will focus on equity and quality of education for all students, improving reading performance, working on a south-side solution, and holding school leaders accountable. 

Read the official press release for the Oshkosh Area School District here

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