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Google+ interview with first virtual school student teacher

Most of us know about student teaching. But what about online, or virtual, student teaching?…

Mike Wilbert, a special education major, is the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh’s first virtual student teacher. The soon-to-be-alumnus took time from his student teaching experience with the MacFarland-based Wisconsin Virtual Academy (WIVA) to join UW Oshkosh for a Google+ Chat to talk about what he and his students are learning and how they are teaching and learning in an innovative way.

“The number of virtual schools in our state is increasing and some of our teacher candidates will be hired to teach in those schools,” said Special Education Department Chair Stacey Skoning. “Having an optional 9-week student teaching experience in a virtual setting will prepare teacher candidates to meet the needs of those students enrolled in virtual schools throughout the state.

The Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction provided the College with this opportunity because of the WIVA’s diverse student body, which encompasses racial diversity as well as ability/disability diversity — many virtual schools do not accept students with disabilities or don’t have strong special education programs. The College also had to demonstrate all of state licensing requirements could be met in the virtual school setting.


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