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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the eligibility requirements?

Human Services Leadership Program and Internship HSL-325 (120 hours):

Completion of a minimum of three courses in the Human Services Leadership major, as follows:

HUMAN SV-203 Introduction to Human Services

HUMAN SV-310 Interpersonal Relations in the Helping Professions

HUMAN SV-385 Financial Sustainability in Non-Profit Organizations

Minimum Human Services Leadership grade point average (GPA): 2.75

Minimum cumulative grade point average (CUM GPA): 2.50

Completion of at least 65 University recognized credits.

Good Standing


Advanced Internship -HS 420,421,422 (280 hours):

Completion of all Human Services Leadership required program courses except 440 which may be taken concurrently. HUMAN SV-440 is offered in Fall and Spring semesters only.

Minimum Human Services Leadership grade point average (GPA): 3.00

Minimum cumulative grade point average (CUM GPA): 2.75

Completion of request (including payment receipt) for Caregiver Criminal Background Check (submitted with Advanced Internship Application Materials).

Faculty recommendation

Good Standing



How do I apply for an internship?


Instructions and application forms are available on our website. Applications must be fully completed and submitted. *Due dates:

  • Traditional On-campus program: March 1 for summer and fall semesters and by October 1 for the spring semester.
  • Collaborative program:  October 15 for the spring semester (offered spring semester only).
  • Online program: March 15 for the summer and fall semesters, October 15 for the spring semester.
*Applications are due on the Monday following a weekend due date.
Do I need to enroll in the internship courses?

Enrollment in 18-325 (Internship) or 18-420/421/422 (Advanced Internship) is required. Traditional on-campus and online students self-enroll. Collaborative students are enrolled by their advisor.



Can Internship and Advanced Internship be satisfied by
study abroad?

Human Services Leadership Program and Internship HSL-325 (120 hours):

Abroad trips sponsored through our program or other approved university sponsored study trips (formal request is required) will satisfy Internship (HS 325).

Approved travel will satisfy half of Advanced Internship hours and the remaining 140 hours will need to be completed at an approved Human Services Leadership Field placement site.



If I'm abroad to meet internship requirements, do I still
need to apply for field placement?


In addition to completing the necessary procedures with the International office, students will apply and enroll in coursework just as they would for a traditional field placement.



Do I have to complete my internship in one semester?

Internship (HS 325) and Advanced Internship (18-420/421/422) are each one semester courses and students are required to complete their field experiences within the semester for which they have enrolled. Extensions may be granted at the discretion of the course instructor.




Can I start my hours early?

Hours may not begin until following the first seminar of the semester. You may meet with the placement site prior to this for an orientation, training, and to determine your schedule.




Can an internship be paid?


The Human Services Leadership program, following the recommendations of our advisory board, has deemed that all hours logged toward the Internship and Advanced Internship is unpaid. If an advertised and broadly available “paid internship” which provides human services leadership skill development and experience is offered, the student must submit an appeal for consideration. Internships may not be designated as “paid” to accommodate a particular placement.



Will my travel time to my placement count towards my required hours for my internship?

No, your time spent traveling to and from your field placement will not count towards your required hours.




Can I complete my internship at my place of

Students may be allowed to complete Internship or Advanced Internship at their place of employment. However, employment time and tasks must be completely separate from fieldwork time and tasks. Additionally, the internship hours are unpaid unless a paid internship has been approved. Finally, the fieldwork must contribute to the professional development of the student and not replicate current or previous work or projects. An official request is required.



Do I need to have a criminal background check
completed for each internship?


You are required to have a Criminal Background Check (CBC) upon admission to your Intro course (HSL 203) and for your Advanced Internship (280 hours). An additional CBC will be required for Internship (120-hour) if there has been a change in your status since the initial background check. The Criminal Background Check order is included with the Advanced Internship application materials



Do I need a tuberculosis test?


Tuberculosis tests are required only if your placement site requires it. You will need to make arrangements. Provide a record of the TB test to the UW Oshkosh Health Center and to your placement site.



What is the process for site placement?

Students must list their top three choices of placement sites in the preferences section within the internship application. Every effort is made to pursue the student’s first or second choice.

The field placement office emails a request to the site. Sites may either accept, decline or accept pending interview the placement. Students receive an email informing them of the placement request.

When placement cannot be arranged at any of the student’s choices or none of the preferred sites are available, the student will receive an e-mail advising them of the need to re-pick their site preferences. It is very important that students do so in a timely manner.

After placement confirmation, students receive an email confirmation letter. Included with the confirmation letter will be a Student Acknowledgement of the Program Memorandum which must be completed within the first few days of the start of the placement semester (following the first group seminar). This form must be completed and returned as directed to avoid interruption of your placement.



What is the service area for field placements?

Campus based students may utilize the directory to search for a site. Any site selected beyond a 60-mile distance from the home campus requires an out-of-area request. 



What sites are available?

The current, approved placement sites are listed in the Field Placement Directory.



What if I find a placement site not listed in the
placement directory an existing agency?


Please contact the field placement office directly. The field office will assist you with the process for consideration of placement within an agency outside of our directory. The Field Placement Office will present your proposal to the faculty who will determine if a placement site is a proper fit for our program. The field placement office will notify you regarding the disposition of your proposal.



Is placement outside of the service area possible?

Internship students complete their 120 hours at an approved site within the service area.

Advanced Internship students may file an Out-of-Area request to do their placement at a site outside of the service region if they are eligible (please refer to the out-of-area placement request form to determine your eligibility). Potential out-of-area sites are proposed by the student. Typically students have met with their proposed supervisor and obtained tentative agreement for placement. This online form may be obtained on this site (Request Forms). Please be as detailed as possible in your request and provide contact information for the potential site supervisor. Students will be notified of the disposition of their request following faculty consideration.



Are all Internship and Advanced Internship seminars
held on campus?

No, off-campus seminars are required at the instructor's discretion.



May I directly contact placement sites?

The field placement office has made agreements with area agencies that are listed in the Field Placement Directory. For this reason, we ask that you do not contact the placement sites directly with the exception of an approved out of area placement (for Advanced Internships only).




Are policy exceptions ever made?

A request process is available for consideration of exceptions to policies and procedures. The Field Placement Request form (an online form) may be obtained from the Human Services Leadership Field Placement website (Request Forms) Please be as detailed as possible in your request. Students will be notified of the disposition of their appeal following faculty consideration.

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