Kroeger, Lori, Ph.D.

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Kroeger, Lori, Ph.D.

Lori Kroeger, Ph.D. Assistant Professor Areas of Expertise 
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Doctor of Philosophy  

University of Cincinnati 

Office: N/E 417

Phone: (920) 424- 3420 


  • Educational and Developmental Psychology
  • Human Cognition
  • Mathematics Cognition

After earning a Bachelors of Science in Psychology in the mid 90s, I started my career as a counselor and educator at a community-based mental health organization in Cincinnati, Ohio. As part of that job, I was responsible for leading education programs with my clients. Realizing my real passion was in teaching, I returned to school and completed my Masters in Education. I taught Kindergarten for 3 years before returning to graduate school in 2006, to pursue my doctorate in education. My education, career, and classroom teaching experiences have contributed to my passion for understanding how people learn.

My scholarly interests focus on studying how children learn mathematics. I have recently completed a study utilizing functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging (fMRI), a technology that allows researchers to ‘see’ the human brain while performing a cognitive task, such as calculating math problems. My other research interests include examining the types of math errors made by children who struggle with mathematics learning, the effects of mathematics interventions for children with mathematical learning disabilities, and the supports and programs available for classroom teachers to use to help their students struggling with mathematics.

Courses typically taught:

  • Child and Adolescent Development, EDF 235
  • Educational Psychology, EDF 380
  • Foundations of Educational Research, EDF 770 
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