Policies Procedures

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Policies Procedures

Repeat Course Policy

Graduate courses may be repeated, without additional credit if the following conditions have been met:

1. A grade of less than a “B” was obtained in the first and only other attempt.

2. Permission to repeat a course needs approval from the graduate program coordinator and the Office of Graduate Studies.

3. The student registers for the course as a "repeat.” Some courses may only be repeated one time.

Courses attempted for undergraduate credit may not be repeated by graduate students for graduate credit unless pre-approved by the graduate program coordinator within the program’s specified time frame. Dual-level courses may not be attempted under both the undergraduate and graduate numbers.


Academic Standing

Each student is regarded as having one of three academic standings: full, probationary or suspended.  Periods of probation and suspension are indicated on the student's unofficial transcript.  Similarly, full academic standing when reached is noted on the unofficial transcript.  Some programs have more restrictive requirements and policies as they pertain to determining academic standing. Please consult the program for its requirements.

Full Standing

A student is in full standing when:

 1. The student was admitted in full standing and maintains a cumulative graduate grade-point average of 3.00 or above.

2. The student was admitted on probation and achieves full standing by earning a 3.00 cumulative graduate grade-point average after completing nine (9) graded graduate credits since the term of admission.


A student is on probation when:

1.  The student has been admitted on probation, has completed less than one full term or has completed less than nine graded graduate credits.

2.  An admitted student who was in full standing at the beginning of a term and has a cumulative overall graduate grade-point average of less than 3.00 at the end of the term regardless of the number of credits attempted/earned.

There is no probation available to special, guest and non-degree students.


A student is on suspension when:

 1. The student was on probation at the beginning of a term and has a cumulative overall graduate grade-point average of less than 3.00 at the end of the nine-credit probationary period.

2. The student has been denied admission to candidacy and has completed approximately 18 graduate credits normally acceptable in the degree program.

3. The student is classified as special, guest or non-degree and the cumulative graduate grade-point average is below 3.0.  These students do not have the benefit of being on academic probation.


Suspension Appeal

The Office of Graduate Studies will place an enrollment service indicator (stop) on the record of students who are placed on suspension. Students on suspension may have their record reviewed by their degree program and the Office of Graduate Studies after one full semester of suspension (not including summer session) and upon written appeal of the suspension. Students should initiate the written appeal and direct it to the appropriate graduate program coordinator. The program coordinator along with the program faculty or others will make a written recommendation to the Office of Graduate Studies regarding the request to appeal the suspension. If the program recommends granting the appeal, a written recommendation should contain a rationale for allowing the student to return to classes and any conditions a student must meet in future enrollment periods. The Director of Graduate Services will review the recommendation of the program  and its faculty and make the final decision about granting the appeal.  The Director will  communicate the decision to the student and the program.

Special, guest or non-degree students should appeal in writing directly to the Director of Graduate Services, Office of Graduate Studies, following the semester of suspension.


Student Appeals Policy

To view the College of Education and Human Services student appeals policy, please visit COEHS Student Appeal Procedures.

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