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Current Students FAQs

Who is my graduate adviser?

Graduate adviser assignments are made at the time that applicants are admitted to the program. Your adviser and you collaborate closely on your program of study, progress through the program, and transition through graduation, and licensing as necessary.

What about Financial Aid?

Students accepted into the program are encouraged to work closely with their financial aid advisers as they progress through the program. The Financial Aid Office provides all information as to the required number of credits for receiving financial aid each semester and throughout your program of study.

How do I register for my first semester?

The department holds a New Student Orientation in June for new students entering the program in the fall. At this time, students are introduced to the program and hand-registered for fall semester, after which students will rely on Titan Registration to enroll in their assigned course work.

How many credits to I enroll in each semester?

Beginning fall 2011, full-time students will enroll in 3-12 credits depending on the course sequence of their program of study. Likewise, part-time will enroll 3-6 credits depending of the course sequence of their program of study. Summer classes are a required component of both full-time and part-time programs of study. Check back for full-time and part-time course plans, which are currently being created.

When do classes begin?

Classes begin the week of Labor Day for fall semester generally late January or early February for spring semester. Summer begins the second week of June and ends the second week of August.

Can I take classes in a different semester than shown in the program sequence?

Beginning September 2011, the answer is, “No.” Once your program of study is confirmed and signed, you must take courses in sequence as outlined in your approved program of study. Only in cases of medical or family emergency may you revise your program of study.

Some PRF CNSL courses are offered once or twice a year as shown in the program sequences. It is therefore critical that you carefully follow the program sequence and meet regularly with your adviser. Note that the department does not allow students to use independent studies to substitute for required coursework.

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