Admission to Licensure Program (PEP)

Please Note: Admission to the COEHS does not guarantee admission to PEP and your licensure program

Portfolio artifacts and rubrics:

  • Portfolio artifacts all can be generated in professional course work. All courses are aligned with the standards and course syllabi indicate which of the standards are assessed in course assignments.
  • Rubrics for each standard are included behind the tab for that standard. If you choose to use a course assignment for your portfolio, it is your responsibility to have the course instructor assess your understanding of that particular standard by rating, signing, and dating the rubric for that standard.
  • An assignment in a course not listed for a standard that demonstrates your knowledge and understanding of that particular standard may be included as an artifact, but you must have the course instructor complete the rubric.

Notification of Acceptance/Denial

Notification of Admission/Denial to Licensure Program will be sent via campus student email

  • Fall Applicants will be notified in mid January
  • Spring Applicants will be notified in mid June

Admitted Students:

  • Students officially admitted meet with their education academic advisor in the Undergraduate Advising Resource Center in D130 to complete their “Plan for Program Completion.”
  • Students officially admitted to their licensure program are assigned a faculty advisor in the College of Education and Human Services who assists them as they complete their licensure program.

Students who have been denied:

  • Students who are denied may re-apply one more time through the following process:re-submit a revised Initial Portfolio to the PEP Office in N/E 113 two weeks before the last day of the following 14 week semester include all written materials from the first admission attempt complete a face-to-face interview.
  • Informational meetings for all students who will be reapplying will be held in the beginning of each semester. Check the PEP Office for dates and times.
  • Students who receive two denials to their licensure program are not eligible to re-apply but may appeal the decision through the College Appeals Process. Decisions made at this point are considered final.
  • Students should make an appointment to meet with the PEP Director in N/E 113 for more information.
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